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SEO Focused Blog Article (500 Words)

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Everyone knows the quickest way to boost your SEO score and increase the amount of traffic to your website is by publishing quality blogs that are focused around the keywords you're trying to rank for.

Engaging and quality blog pieces also allow people to interact with your website and if you have Google ads displayed, this can turn into a lot of extra revenue for you very quickly. 

Your brand and website deserves to look professional, don't be shadowed by the few websites out there that steal all the traffic, get yourself an article and start captivating some interest.

So I guess the question is how would you like?

  • More Traffic
  • People Engaging With Your Brand
  • More Sales
  • Ad Revenue
  • Quality Content That Increases Your Brands Reputation


Well our team at TheMacLyf can sort all of that out for you at a price that no one else can offer. Our team has written over 10,000 various blog articles in every niche and many of our pieces have featured for the likes of 'The Sydney Morning Herald' and 'The Huffington Post'.

How many people do you think one blog could bring to your site? 

Anywhere else will charge you upwards of $100 for a 500 word blog, and they know fu** all about SEO. This week only we are offering YOU the chance to get a handcrafted, SEO focused article that will boost your traffic and reader attention.

In this package you will receive;

  • 1 x 500 Word Blog
  • 2 x SEO Focused Keywords
  • 1 x Attention Capturing Headline 
  • 1 x Discount Off Future Articles

As mentioned, anywhere else you're looking at $100 minimum, this week only $35 here at TheMacLyf, Australia's Leading Digital Marketing Agency.




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