Limited Drop Full Custom Ecommerce Store
Limited Drop Full Custom Ecommerce Store
Limited Drop Full Custom Ecommerce Store
Limited Drop Full Custom Ecommerce Store

Limited Drop Full Custom Ecommerce Store

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$25 month

or one $99 payment a year

You get

Full E-commerce store built for you ✅
Premium Customised Theme ✅
Policies & Pages Set Up 

Custom Logo 
Oberlo Integrated ✅
100 Winning Suppliers List 
2x Winning Products Added ✅
Free Marketplace Marketing Strategy ✅
Full Mini Training Series ✅ 
Dedicated Email Support ✅
Express 1 Day Website Completion ✅

Express Under 24 Hour Store Delivery Or Your Money Back!
(You'll receive an email to create your staff profile, when your store is ready from Shopify)

How Does The Dropshipping Model Work?
You list one, or many of your suppliers items for sale on your website with a marked up price. The customer pays for the product, then you pay your supplier a cheaper amount and they ship the product directly to the customer. This means you never have to worry about shipping, returns, order processing, never paying for stock up front. You just have to simply market your brand. 

Will I Be Taught How To Run Everything? 

You sure will, we have a complete little set of welcome/introduction videos to teach you how to use your new store. As for marketing you can use the Free Facebook Marketplace method.

How Do I Sell My Products?

I recommend you watch the Facebook Marketplace guide video I have listed further down, but here's a little rundown. 

1. Screenshot your products images, 2. Post on FB Marketplace, 3. Reply to messages you receive and send the customer a link to your store. 4. Follow up and improve your sales / copy skills to make your store better and close more sales. 

What's Your Story?

Basically I went from the good ol' 9-5 with 0 sense of direction and a want for more, to running multiple successful companies within the e-commerce realm and now onto the coaching & consulting realm. (Still ecom too of course).

After losing my job when a big chain I worked for got liquidated, I had to move back home with my mum, which was quite humiliating at the time, after being so independent. I sat alone in a room thinking, what the **** am I doing with my life, why am I not succeeding?

I started researching heavily about success and more importantly "successful people". I learned about the key traits of successful people and found a lot of common themes amongst the people who are in my eyes "successful".

The main things I found were, these people are;
1. Super intelligent (not in terms of IQ or formal education, but more-so masters of their craft)

2. Smart working + hard working

3. They meditate daily

4. They understand power & influence

5. They leverage systems to create wealth

After learning all of this, I basically went ahead and found a guy selling 100 books on Gumtree & swapped him my last $100 for them. I spent the next 6 months reading books (sometimes 2-3 a day, thanks to Tony Buzans Speed Reading Book), then went ahead and launched my first company, a social media marketing agency/web design company. Throughout the years everything has changed dramatically and positive growth just seems to inspire more positive growth.

I started using Facebook marketplace and getting into ecommerce and rapidly found myself scaling brand to the 6 figure mark, first using the free marketing method I show you and then secondly using paid ads. 

After helping out a few close friends and seeing them replicate the crazy success I did, then going on to help out a few clients. The good feelings I got from seeing people go from nothing to complete happiness became really addictive. 

Since then, I launched this program with the intent of helping you all grow your own business & can't wait to see you DM me your positive results. 

Once I Order, How Do I Get My Store?

After ordering, your store will be built by myself and my team within 24 hours. You'll then receive both an on-boarding email from us, and a create an account email from Shopify. After creating your staff profile and looking at your store, the next day you'll be transferred admin rights & you'll be all good to start selling and building your brand. 

Will My Store Be Unique?

Yes, your store will be a unique store just for you. We have hundreds of incredible suppliers we have used for basically every niche and keep things extremely limited, so that you will not be "competing" against each-other, selling the same products. The awesome margins on your products allow you to focus on just providing exceptional customer service and practicing your marketing abilities. I have customised hundreds of templates in different niches and know exactly what layout to give your store, that will convert the highest for you, and capture data for re-marketing. 

Can I Add My Own Products To The Store Too? 

Yep, you 100% can and we highly recommend it. In fact with one of my main stores I have 90% of the goods dropshipped, and another section on the website called "Limited Drops". This lets the customers know what I have "in stock" in my country. An awesome benefit of this is that you can run emails to your customers in bulk through Shopify and let them know about your limited drops section. As they would have already had an awesome experience with you, you'll find that your physically held stock (Limited drops) will sell a lot faster too. 

What If I Already Have a Store?

There's a reason you're here. It's because what you have most likely isn't working for you. It lacks a funnel structure, you don't have the right products, you don't offer express shipping and the marketing methods you're going with aren't going to bring you any profit. You need products / suppliers that will convert, products that are unsaturated and a store / method that is going to make you sales. It's time to cut your losses and come on board. Don't cling on to poor results, you're holding yourself back

How Do I Know This Will Work?

1. Everything in life is a gamble.. even taking no action, is still making a choice. However, this is by the far the best possible entry you'll ever see into the e-commerce realm. I'm showing you a way to market your products with no costs, giving you products I have personally tested and sold, plus giving you a full training series, from someone who hasn't just "done e-commerce", but still runs 10+ brands within the space. Feel free to check out the thousands of reviews and testimonials from real people on my Instagram @themaclyf, seriously, go ask these people yourself if you'd like. 

Are Many Others Succeeding?

There are plenty. You can check my Instagram @themaclyf for student reviews, highlights and live stories 

Jordan alone is only 16 & already doing $1,000 USD day in sales using the free marketing method we send you

You can make sales without any adspend! Facebook Marketplace Method 

As seen in Multiple News Articles

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