Facebook Marketplace Automation ™

Facebook Marketplace Automation ™

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$8990 USD with a 50/50 Profit Split 
$12,990 USD 70/30 Profit Split 

100% Guaranteed Sales or Your Money Back

This is as real as it gets & you're getting in first with the new Facebook updates. 100% marketplace automation. We handle everything and scale for you as partners. 

Want in? This package is extremely exclusive! 

Handled Via Your Personal Account

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What's Included In This Package?

Full Marketplace Automation ✅
We do the product research 
We handle the orders 
We handle the shipping & tracking 
We handle the customer support 
We upload every day and grow / scale for you 
Linked with our express delivery suppliers 
Massive margins on products 
100% Automation 

Recent Student Results

$2500 profit in a week... 

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Here's a story of one of our students who is crushing it already!

Sam recently started with us and went from having basically no prior knowledge of e-commerce at all, to doing nearly $200k USD to wrap up the end of last year, after just being on board with us for 9 months. All with automation!

Let's look at a 3 case scenario of what happens when you start up with us. 

Best case - You're like Sam, and start making hundreds of thousands through your store within mere months.. Yes it's possible & we've had students do even better. 

Average case - You pull 50-100 orders a week after a few months and now you're making hundreds of thousands + a year, that's enough to replace your current job & enjoy the freedoms of working from home & building your brand... and that's within months.

Worst case - You make 10-20 sales a week, but with the incredible products we give you, you're making $100 margin on each product. The workload for you is less than 10 minutes a week and you're cashing in on an extra potential 6 figures a year...  and remember, momentum & repeat customers build over time.. so that's the first year. 

That mean's your investment is paid back within months & now you have a powerhouse constantly making you money & getting bigger & bigger each and every day.  

Have some more questions?

Simply use the ask a question form at the bottom of this page & we'll help you out!

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Let's Make It Sweeter, How About a 100% Money Back Guarantee

We want to have as much stake in the game as you! That's why we're offering a 100% money back guarantee. If we don't make you sales, you get your money back

No questions asked

1800+ Student Reviews For My Programs ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Had my first $20,000 month. Super pumped to see everything in motion after having the vision beforehand"

“If I'm only 16 & can make over $1000USD a day selling drones on marketplace, anyone can learn this and build something amazing ”

“Got my first 3 orders within the first few days of launching this store! Mac & his team are incredible!”

“We did hundreds of thousands of dollars to finish off last year, using Macs store build + etsy, changed my life”

“Mac built out our store (large nail company) and we turned over just shy of half a million dollars last year. He also fully automated our brand with this procedure so no more packing orders!”

“Already made nearly $6000 using the marketplace methods on my store, so happy I found Mac's instagram”

“You were right, posted two more products today and got my first two orders, couldn't be more excited!”

“F*** me dead, just made my first sale, day 3 on your program, $250 profit in the bag already & another customer waiting to buy”

“Mate, you've changed my life in a way you'll never know! Got my first sale today & it's just the beginning”

“2 tables sold, $750 profit straight away”

“Finished with $23,000+ for the month. Appreciate the help. Looking forward to scaling higher! Cheers to everything you are doing for us.”
Emily D.

“I thought I’d give you an update. Last week I made $16k ish from my store. Been focusing more on branding and customer experience. This is key. Thank you! Growing steadily.”
Guy D.

“Made over $11,700 in the last 2 weeks from my store. Use this as motivation. I was struggling in the beginning but I stuck with the process and it worked! Results will come. Cheers!”
Jacob B.

“The Maclyf absolutely hooked me up on my store, get at it him for everything ecom & your SEO”

“These guys want to see you achieve your goals and dreams, so much support! Already made my money back”

“On Instagram I paid $40 in ads on Mac's store for me, within 3 hours already made $260 .”

"Coming on board with Mac & his team and collabing together has been amazing, I did 2.9M in sales with Google Shopping before meeting Mac & the projects we are working on are going to be big, can't wait to see what the future holds brother"
Caleb C. 


Includes Free Ebay Dropshipping Automation Also! (Valued at $8990 alone) 

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