Complete Online Automation 

$19,990 USD

Need an Investment with Guaranteed Results? 

Want to be successful online but you're swamped with where to start? or maybe you've tried before and seen little to no result? You're probably thinking, "Should I try facebook ads and drop-shipping, or maybe build a YouTube channel, or should I start a custom brand?"

There's so many options and the reason 99% of people fail is they don't have one complete system that is guaranteed to grow over time. They put their efforts into 10+ different things and see minimal if any results.Imagine having the complete game-plan. Simply turn the key and watch it grow bigger and bigger over time. Adding any additional effort yourself will just strengthen the system and results.

No more stressful times of trying to decide what to do and not seeing any progress... simply turn on the system and watch it build for you.

That's where the Complete Online Automation Package comes in ... you get everything possible needed in the online space, completely automated for you to grow and generate you a passive income over time.

Full Package Breakdown 

Marketplace Automation

2x included

Full YouTube Automation

1x included

Affiliate Army Automation

1x included

Premium Website

1x included

Premium Ecom Course 

1x included

Custom Scaling Plan

1x included

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Facebook Marketplace Automation

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2x Marketplace Automations

2 for the price of 1. Imagine your marketplace account making you sales every day

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Daily Uploading

10-15 new trending dropshipped products added to your marketplace account every single day

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Order Handling & Fulfilment

Sit back and relax, our team will handle all the orders & fulfilment for you. All the products are USA based with 3-5 day delivery 

YouTube Automation

Entire Year of Content

Entire years worth of premium content creation, 52x videos, all the editing, transcribing and footage included

Full YouTube SEO 

We handle the SEO side of things to make sure your videos are getting the most reach, chance of going viral and bringing your channel the best growth

Channel Management

We schedule all your videos to go out over the entire year (1 per week) letting your account grow automatically

Push Organic Sales to Website

Your website will be linked in every description, driving traffic and sales to your store on autopilot 

Premium Website Build

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Premium Website

Don't stress, we've got your website covered too. An exclusive high end print on demand range that synergises with your YouTube channel, bringing you sales with massive margins

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Premium Theme

Premium Shopify theme with a supreme high quality custom design, guaranteed to leave a memorable impression on customers

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Custom POD Range

Your own sexy Print on Demand clothing range. Your designs will be completely unique, made by our team, offer express shipping, custom packaging and have massive margins.. think Versace baby, you're on the way there

Affiliate Army Automation

Build Your Army

Imagine having an army of people selling for you on their marketplace for a % of the product sales. We intergrate a system to do that for you

10-100x Your Revenue 

We've seen and personally had our business 100x its revenue with this system alone. Imagine 10 affiliates doing only 10 sales for you a day... that's 100x sales, completely automated 

Easy Payouts With PayPal

Easily pay all your affiliates with the click of a button shooting out mass payments via the PayPal API

Turn Every Customer Into an Affiliate

Inspired by Jeff Bezo's flywheel model, every customer will instantly be turned into an affiliate, making you more sales and spinning the flywheel faster and faster


Fast Results

99% of our clients see Facebook sales from day one of set up. Completely dropshipped, meaning profit is immediate 

Premium Service

One of the core values here at TheMacLyf is 24/7 service and premium results, our team is here to help you

Real People 

Our team is made up of real people, you're not speaking to a bot... We even screen who is allowed to buy this package to make sure we're a perfect fit for each other

Honesty, Integrity & Premium Results

How about Guaranteed results? Who offers that? We guarantee you'll see sales, channel growth, monetisation and a lot more.

This is the premium package. I dedicate my entire life to this and only take on 3 clients per week to make sure you see value like never before. If you don't see growth and make sales, I'll personally handle your accounts and incur costs myself to make sure that you do.

What about support?This isn't some offshore team who "barely speaks English" handling your accounts. My team consists of myself, my family members and a select handful of experts. When you come on board with our premium Online Automation Package, you can expect the best.

Want to see results?Check the photos for messages from real clients.. nothing is hidden here. We show everything. Conversations, sales data, marketplace sales and success stories. 


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Personal Experience 

TheMacLyf team is the best in the business when it comes to marketing, online automations and understanding current trending products. By coming on board with us, you can expect premium results and expertise. 


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