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You may use the FAQ guide below to help out with any of your questions you may have.

Within 24 hours of ordering your website you will receive 2 emails. One is your onboarding email from us, the second is a create a staff profile email from Shopify. Create your staff profile to view your website

Please login using the same email you used purchase, and you'll have access to the Shopify dashboard

Generally one day after accepting your staff account invite via the Shopify Email your store will be transferred to your name.

During this time your store will be inactive until you select your Shopify payment plan.

TheMacLyf is not responsible for covering Shopify associated fees.

Upon creation your Shopify store, your store location is set up to an Australian address, you may change your address and location settings easily within Shopify

Here is the official Shopify guide

Once you accept your Shopify plan you will be able to change your location and payment settings.

You can easily add Oberlo via the Shopify app store. Make sure you configure your location and currency settings to your home country before doing this

A complete Oberlo guide can be found here on the Oberlo help centre


Please refer to the Oberlo guide here

If you would like a detailed one on one walkthrough with one of our Shopify Experts, you may order a zoom session here and book a time which suits yourself best

First try clearing your cookies, cache and data browsing history. You may then attempt to log back into Shopify

If you need further assistance you may contact the Shopify live chat team here

Shopify Live Chat Support

TheMacLyf team is not responsible for any tasks other then theme installation, logo installation and creating your store.

TheMacLyf does not have any responsibilities elsewhere, including but not limited to, marketing, order fulfilment, customer service, uploading products, editing a store, or general website maintenance

You may cancel your Shopify plan at any time and are under no obligation to continue to pay your Shopify store fee's if you wish to not use Shopify's service.

The minimum payment plan for the Website Creation package is
12 months x $25 USD - You had the option to buy upfront for $197 and chose the cheaper monthly option at $25 x 12 months. After 12 months you will be able to cancel your subscription

You may find more information on this here

You are under a legal obligation to pay out your minimum period of the Website Creation package.