Facebook Marketplace Automation

Facebook Marketplace Automation

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100% Automated with Sales From Day One.... Or You Can Cancel Anytime

Pay a standard $150 per week as long as you want to stay on board, we will handle the rest.

Once your marketplace automation is set up, we will add products to your account daily, get you orders, handle all your orders/shipping & tracking and then scale over time. The awesome part is the longer you stay on board, the easier it is to scale, as more and more products get listed and renewed each day.

It is your job to make sure your account is eligible for the Facebook Marketplace service and issues relating to Facebook bans, lockouts and authentication are not within our control. As this is a digital product please be aware before purchasing we do not offer refunds, we have a 100% cancel anytime policy which you can use if you decide this package is no longer for you

Only available in the USA - must have the "shipping" option on Facebook Marketplace

100% Automated 

Immediately after ordering you'll be put in touch with our team who will help you with your onboarding. 

Guaranteed Sales or Cancel Anytime

Not happy with the results? Cancel anytime. No BS email procedure, simply cancel your subscription with the click of a button

No Hidden Costs

No sneaky ad spend costs & no product costs, everything is dropshipped from our suppliers within the USA. Only pay for products as you get orders

Up to 10x Returns Weekly

Clients recording up to 10x returns on their subscription, with some even scaling into the 6/7 figure mark per year. 

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1 on 1 Support 

Need help? You'll have 1 on 1 support from your account specialist

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Bonus VIP Group

Bonus access to our VIP marketplace group, with 1000+ already successful clients 

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Normally $12,990

Yep, you read it right.. we charge $12,990 for this normally. We have launched a subscription model as we are that confident you'll love it


D - I got my first sale within 12 minutes of setting this up.

L- "Recorded over 52 sales in a single day"

F- Couldn't be happier with the package, I log into Facebook each day and watch see new sales every day. Everything is handled for me. Thank you team


Caleb is by far our biggest success story and is not one of our common students. He puts in a lot of work behind the scenes so we are only taking a fraction of the credit. This level of success is something 99% of people won't see, but it is possible if you're willing to dedicate the time and effort.


Incredible first month from Latif. We track everything for you. You'll get complete access to a Google Sheets file, with your product sales data, profits and product links. Latif recorded $1769 USD profit in his first month (not including the scaling sales) He is now seeing over 50+ orders a day

How It Works

Our team will access your Facebook account daily, add products, handle orders via Amazon and ebay and you'll keep 100% of the profit between the cost of sale and cost of goods. Everything will be tracked via a google sheets file for you to access at any time 

After ordering, please look for a button in the checkout which will put you in direct contact with our onboarding team. 

Our team will need access to your Facebook account, Ebay and Amazon account to be able to run this automation. 

Please be aware you need the "shipping option" on Facebook Marketplace to be eligible. 

After making sales on Facebook Marketplace there are many ways to scale and turn your customers into repeat buyers using Shopify and by building a custom brand. 



No lock in contract. If you're not happy with your results from week 1. Simply cancel with the click of a button from your account page. 


1 on 1 support from your account manager. This isn't some buy a package and be left in the dark. You'll have a direct contact number


We love speed, as soon as you order, you'll be set up with your account manager and we can get your account up and running in the first week. Dan recorded our fastest sale ever, within 12 mins of set up.

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Personal Experience 

TheMacLyf team is the best in the business when it comes to marketing, online automations and understanding current trending products. By coming on board with us, you can expect premium results and expertise. 


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