Winning Facebook Ads Strategy - $5000+ Profit Day (Part 2)

Winning Facebook Ads Strategy - $5000+ Profit Day (Part 2)

In today's video we are going to go over the next two ads in the series to get your brands absolutely crushing Facebook ads.

As a quick recap, here's the 5 types of ads you want to have moving.
1. Direct landing page ad
2. DM conversion ad
3. Remarketing ad
4. Lead generation ad
5. Page like / followers ad

The two ads we will be going over today are the DM conversion ad & the remarketing ad. These two are by far our biggest conversion drivers for the cheapest adspend.

Remarketing caps people who are already interested in our product & just need a little push, and DM based ads allow us to directly engage with customers which converts 10x times higher than standard ads. By the time you have all 5 of these ads pumping your brand will be a constant powerhouse of generating leads & data + closing sales more and more rapidly, allowing you to spend more on ads & increase the snowball effect.

As an example, I haven't ran any of these types of ads for my personal brand until last week, as I wanted to take this journey with all of you together. The Facebook page of my personal brand generated over $1.5k profit after adspend throughout its first week running these 5 types of ads and gathered some incredible data. 200+ email captures & over 100 new dedicated (engaged audience) page likes + other DM conversations with highly warm potential customers.

You can do the exact same thing with any e-commerce brand / product store and should follow this guide exactly, watching the momentum explode for your brand over the space of the next month.

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