Upgrading Your Mind For Success

You know when everything is just going right for you and you have a stride to your step. Everything just seems to be working out and the endorphins are bumping. 

Well how would you like to feel like that every day? (or most, you need some bad days for contrast).

Well there's a few sneaky little things you need to maintain each day in order to get that feeling razzing. 

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Let's get into a few of them now.

1. Affirmations

2. Goals

3. Healthy Diet

4. Self Improvement/Knowledge 



1. Affirmations

The cornerstone to all success. 

Now i'm going to break affirmations down into their 3 sub categories and then run through each of them a little more; active affirmations, subliminal affirmations, visualisation.

Active affirmations are basically the words or phrases we repeat to ourselves on the daily. Have you ever noticed that if you're convinced your going to fail a test, and you keep repeating out loud about how you are, you actually end up failing. Well, besides the fact you probably didn't study enough, there's also a little science and magic behind the words you so 'actively' throw around. 

Have you also noticed, when you learn a new and intriguing word, you start noticing it everywhere? Well, the word was there before, however, now your brain is actively searching for it. 

The same principle goes for our repeated phrases... if we are constantly telling ourselves we don't make enough income, we hate our body, we don't like this and that person, our mind starts 'searching' for ways to occupy this thought with physical stimuli. 

If you've ever watched 'The Secret' it goes over this in a little bit more of a 'magical' sense, but the same theory still applies, this is known as the law of attratction, and basically means that we bring about, what we think about frequently. 

The great news is that just as easily as we can bring negative situations into our life, it's actually far easier to bring about positive ones, due to the extra mental emotion put into each 'exciting' thought.

Simply put, start saying out loud that you are the best, f*** what other people think of this, and you will most likely cop a few ego checks from people, but this will seperate you from the 99% as most 'normal' functioning people, frequently think and bring about bad vibes. 

Some great active affirmations I use are;

I am healthy in body, mind and spirit. 

I believe I am the best at what I do and this inspires others

I am confident

I am rich

I am successful in all areas of my life

... then go into more 'goal' specific affirmations, which we'll talk more about later. 


Next are subliminal affirmations, and whilst they're not as instantly effective as active affirmations, over time they can be. 


Subliminal affirmations are affirmations we hear subcounsicly, now you can consciously put sublimal affirmations on... which is a weird example. 


But basically, affirmations are words or phrases your mind subscoiusnly hears constantly throughout your day. If your co-workers are constantly saying negative shit and you happen to be surrounded by that... guess what, you've just loaded your brain with a whole lot of negative terms, that your brain will now spend time actively 'thinking' about. 

However, used correctly, subliminal affirmations, can be just like active affirmations and can be used to increase things like your confidence, mental health, income and even your relationships with other people. The best way to subliminally listen to positive affirmations is to put on an audio track whilst you sleep. 


Few key things however,

Make sure it doesn't run all night or you'll wake up feeling fatigued, just have it pump for an hour or so while your asleep, don't put on a 6 hour video. Also make sure to repeat the affirmations from the video out loud, as often as possible also. 

It is also imperative that you listen to the same video/audio track for at least 30 days before you start to see any real effect. Don't listen to one audio track for a week, then have a few nights break and come back and try something else. Consistency is key within the affirmation realm.


Lastly let's go over visualisation. Now, whilst visualisation isn't really an affirmation but more of a whole practice itself, I think it's so incredibly powerful that I couldn't just leave it out. Many incredible and highly successful people visualise often, and vouch for it publicly, I'm talking about people such as; Will Smith, Conor Mcgregor, Ronda Rousey and Oprah Winfrey. 

If you don't know what visualisation is, it's a very powerful practice (often used before sporting events) in where one goes into a meditational state and tries to 'imagine' future events how they would like them to unfold. Now, if you're hearing this for the first time, it may sound like some voodo shit, but there have been numerous studies showing the benefits of visualisation. 

One such study by the National Geographic, took a group of random people off the street and got them to shoot a three throw in basketball. Each indiviudal had 10 shots and their scores were tallied. They then found the mean score by plusing all their scores together and dividing it by the amount of particiapnts.... the average group score was 3/10. 


They then repeated this test with another 5 random groups of people and found around the same results... avergage group score being 3/10  -  4/10.

The reseacrhes then grabbed a seperate group of people and did something a little diffeent before having the participants take the shot. They had the participants instead, first sit down and imagine the ball going into the hoop as vividly as possible, and imagine the emotional context they would feel when they scored a basket. 

This test group took their shots and the average sampled out to be 7/10. Now, whiilst this may have just been one lucky group of great basketballers, the test was repeated numerous times with many more smaple groups and the result remained consistent. 


No visualisation 3/10

With Visualisation 7/10


This doesn't just have to apply with basketball however, the potential is literally unlimited! You can apply this to social settings, tests, results, income, job opportunities, relationships, sporting events etc. 


So how do you go about doing visualisation?


Well, I'm actually going to make a whole Youtube video on that separately for you guys, which I'll attach below within the coming weeks. Make sure to bookmark this page and check back every now and then to see if it's been added. 


 We've sorted out part 1 to growing a bulletproof mindset, let's move on the next important step, which you need to know about in order to properly do your affirmations and visualisations.  Goal setting!


Power of Visualisation


2. Goal Setting

There are hundreds of different ways one can go about goal setting, but i'm going ti run you through a few of my personal favourites. 

In the novel 'getting to yes', can't remember the authors name unfortunately, he talks about the principle of getting small wins. Getting someone to say yes to your smaller requests a few times first, primes them to be more likely to yes when you ask them for something big. This commitment bias, reinforces the person's belief that they would be going against themselves if they were to have agreed to you 5 or 6 times, only to say no now.

This principle is the same with goal setting. In order to make it easier to focus on our long term 'more desireable goals', we should focus on crushing as many mini goals first as possible, not only to keep us more focused, but to keep our positive mindset up also. Getting heaps of small wins/crushing small goals constintetly will put us in the correct frame for success.


On top of crushing small goals, I use a method I first read about in the '4 hour work week' by Tim Ferris. Tim explains how whilst we might all have goals in our head, we probab;ly haven't taken the time to sit down and find what they would actually cost us to dollar value... and time value. 

As an example, if you want to drive around in a lambo, you may have a preconceived notion that you'll worry about that once you have millions of dollars. However, if you look actually Google 3 or 4 different dealers, you may find you're actually able to rent one quite cheaply. It is important to do this with both dollar value and time value. 

A time value example would be if you wanted to learn a language like Russian, but you haven't actually sat down and planned out how long you think it would take you to achieve fluency. If you set aside 1 hour a day, every day of the week, you could definelty reach quite a conversational level within 3-6 months. 


So remember, when setting out goals, you have to be able to test the metrics. "What get's measured, gets achieved", or something like that. 

Write down your long term goals first and put a deadline on them, don't say I want to have this or that without putting constraints on the timeframe you want it in. Then go set small goals that will help you achieve your longer term ones and keep you motivated along the way. 


A current example is that I want to make $10,000 extra income a month from my blog. I have given myself a deadline of 1 year to do so. 

Looking at my goals is as followed. 

1 Year = $10,000 Income From Blog

Mini Goals

1. Write 2-3 blogs a week

2. Get 1000 weekly readers

3. Get 5000 weekly readers

4. Monetize Blog and promote affiliate links

5. Increase scale/amount of blogs


It might not be that impressive, and it may not work, but by testing it and measuring it, I can tweak it as I go. With the end goal in mind, instead of scrapping my whole idea when one small thing goals wrong, I can reassess the mini goals and maybe the effort needed to achieve my long term goal. 

What are some of your goals and what mini steps can you break them down into?


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Let's get straight into the next one, I know you're a busy person and probably want to get on with your goal setting, but without the next important topic, you'll really struggle to get the previous two done. 


3. Healthy Diet

 Yes, yes, you've heard it a million times and i'm not here to give you a lecture, or a full new incredible keto/kale or fu**** fasting diet. I'm here to just pump you through some quick bullet points to reinforce to you what you need to be doing to function at your optimum level. Pick the easiest ones you can add in, then build it up from there as you go. 

1. Drink 2L water every day. (easiest way is to fill a 2L bottle and carry it around with you)

2. Don't skip meals, unless you're fasting. (eat regularly and give your body the fuel it needs)

3. Get your daily dose of sun. ( A lot of people actually forget this one, they think that it's no biggie to miss getting one or two days of sun, it's super important to get it every day! 15 minutes of direct sunlight is enough)

4. Stretch or move your body. (We are creatures of movement and if you sit for 3 or 4 hours plus in a go, you're fuc*** yourself up. I'm not going into mad detail, but with a degree in "Health and Human Movement", the effects sitting for prolonged periods of time can have on your body is insane, from skeletal problems to cancers".

5. If you're going to have processed or 'unhealthy' food, have a glass of water with it, instead of a coke or soft drink..

6. You got this covered, start upgrading your body so your mind can function at its optimum level

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Lastly, we are going to talk about a super important point and it's probably the reason you are actually sitting here to begin with, so great work so far! Self improvement. 


4. Self Improvement 

Chances are if you're reading this blog you've already started your journey of self improvement and development. Now usually blogs or even books for that matter just talk and highlight the benefits of self development, but you already know what they are, so..... to make it super easy, i'm just going to give you a list of areas that both you and I can potentially work on to upgrade ourselves in.

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1. Reading 

2. Learn To Speed Read (Tony Buzans Speed Reading Book)

3. Learn more about your native language (root words meaning etc)

4. Improve your native vocabulary (learn 5 new words a week, that's 260 new words a year)

5. Learn a foreign language (Best place to get cheap 1 on 1 classes with natives is verbling.com )

6. Exercise on the regular (whatever type is fine, weights, yoga, stretching, martial arts, movement is key)

7. Learn persuasion tactics (for business and social life)

8. Learn the 25 cognitive biases of human behaviour

9. Learn an instrument (great neurodegenerative preventing effects)

10. Learn anatomy/physiology (how and why the body works as it does)

11. Learn about personal branding and social media

12. Learn about 1 new 'successful' person each week

13. Improve your typing speed 

14. Improve your balance

15. Learn public speaking

16. Get comfortable speaking on camera

17. Learn a martial art (muay thai, jiu-jitsu etc) 

18. Learn about the history of taxes, stocks and bonds

19. Learn how to dance

20. Improve your photography/videography skills

21. Learn how to tell better stories

22. Study movies instead of just watching them (storylines, settings, plots, characters, attitudes, behaviours)

23. Practice increasing your retention 

24. Learn to handle external stresses (cold water, ice, weight lifting, running)

25. Learn how to handle internal stresses (anxiety, depression, negative thoughts, usually through meditation)

26. Become a better writer (write a novel, blog, ebook)

27. Learn how to leverage connections (start seeing what you can get/achieve for free from your exisiting groups)

28. Experiement with your emotions (change behaviours and see how you feel, ie; more sleep, less sleep, after alcohol, after showers)

29. Find a fear and eliminate it 

30. Increase your comfort zone (by being in uncomfortable situations) 


What ways do you already go about improving yourself?


Want to know how to get better at talking on camera and vlogging?


As always, thanks for reading and please connect with me on any social media space if you want to chat or get to know each other better ..... and don't forget to leave a comment below! ❤️

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