Trying Out Dropshipping and Google Ads

Howdy howdy, 

Recently guys and gals, after a meticulous amount of study and research I have decided to delve into the world of dropshipping and using Google Adwords.

Whilst I see myself as quite experienced with most things e-commerce and web design related, trying to start up a store and promote it in the dropshipping 'style' has been quite different and so far very difficult.

This blog post will be updated regularly to let you guys know about the progress I'm making a whether or not this ends up being a worth while venture. 

So like all great things you expect to get in life, you need to have a clearly delineated and metric testable set of goals.

Here's my goals for this dropshipping project.




1. Make $150,000 in Sales within the First Year

2. Create a 'High Profile' Brand

3. Automate the majority of the work after sales hit $150k



1 Year



1. A Lot of Time and Effort

2. Shopify Hosting/Domain Costs ($500 Year)

3. Google Ad Costs ($100-$1000)



Create Dropshipping Cosmetics Store

Drive Google Ads 

Use Sales Profit to Increase Brand Awareness

Exponentially Grow 

Outsource Main Areas of Work


Setting myself this goal is definitely a 10x style goal, inspired straight from the 10x book from Grant Cardone himself, but nonetheless, I believe this will be easily achievable in the incredible tech world we live in and by judging the amount of people who have already been having this success. 

So, as of right now, typing out this post, I have just ran my first google ad and unfortunately I haven't received any sales as of yet. The second more 'optimised campaign' is now underway also. I already have the website set up and ready to go and judging from the feedback I've received from most ladies, they are very in love with the layout of the store, the products and the pricing... so great start. 

All the 'persuasive' tactics are in play also, such as cognitive bias focused product descriptions, countdown timers, sales pops, trust badges, reviews and email marketing discount offers. 

Along with the website, all the social pages are also set up, however until I start generating sales solely from Google Adwords, I won't put any effort into building their following. The social accounts I'm going with for this brand include; Facebook Business Page, Instagram Page, Pinterest Page, Twitter Page. 

The pages bios and descriptions, along with profile pics and cover pics all convey the same message to create a sense of consistency and trust amongst potential buyers. 

The current message is that 'We are Undergoing A Social MakeOver with Our Online Accounts, Stay Tuned". 

cheap make up

This provides me a bit of leeway in terms of having to delegate time into building up the social side of things, at the beginning. 

So, the goal at the moment, is to increase the amount of ads and ad variations I run, until I strike home on the sale. After making a few Google Ads driven sales, I will continue to increase the ad spends, optimise the ads and split test more ad groups, and then also optimise the website. I'm currently only using 'free' apps, or free trial versions of apps, until I know that the store can be profitable. 

After the sales start bopping, the initial profit will be put into upgrading to the pro, more persuasive versions of the Shopify apps, and to my good old friend 'the tax department'.

Additional money after that, (assuming the ads are still generating profit) will then be put into the social side of things and increasing brand awareness. Sending out free samples to influencers, and delegating money to professionals on Fiverr to create engaging content and build the following. 

That's it for at the moment, I'll keep you all updated..... Also, if you'd like to check out the website and give me some feedback I'd more than appreciate it. 

Stay tuned. 




Little update everyone, it's only been a few days since writing the initial blog and I've already had a lot of encouraging and supportive feedback on social media, appreciate you all.

I checked to see my Adwords progress this morning and noticed my ad hadn't received any impressions or been running at all.

After trying to resolve the problem myself and failing miserably, I turned to Google's support line for advice and boy was I surprised!

After my last encounter with Googles phone support being quite a poor one, I wasn't expecting much this time around. However, this time I spoke with a wonderful Indian lady (can't recall her name unfortunately). She gave incredible support and basically showed me that my new ads weren't delivering, as my old campaign still had the keywords active within it.

Because the keywords were the same, Google won't place your new ad, otherwise you'd basically be competing against yourself for ad placement. Be aware of this folks, next time you start a new Adwords campaign, to not only pause your old campaign (if you wish), but also pause the keywords within it separately.

To top it off, the fantastic lady who helped me, then went above and beyond and gave me 10 or so tips to apply to optimize my current campaign. She even got me to screen share my screen and walk me through the optimisation over the phone. 

I now have a bit more confidence in using Google Adwords and I certainly feel confident that if you talk to the right person, Google will help you in optimising your campaign to start making some sales.

As an additional I just bought a new E-book from the Amazon store called 'Mastering Google Adwords', very good book so far, and it has helped me quite a lot with stuff I didn't know about the ads platform, and stuff I never even would have thought of also. 

Stay tuned, hopefully some sales soon! I'm feeling confident. 

Google Adwords



Been a bit over a week and a half since starting my store and still no sales yet. Google Adwords says it requires one more day to fully optimise my campaign, so we can only wait and see. 

Hoping for some positive results or insights as the ad bill is starting to pile up with no sales as of yet hahaha.  Persistence and consistency is key, ill let you all know within a few days of the insights Google has given me and what else I have done to try and get a sale. 

Also, I added a currency converter onto the website, which I believe will really help with making some sales, so who knows. Stay tuned! 





Campaign has ran whilst optimised and unfortunately still no sales. With a couple hundred in expenditure so far, I need to reassess my plan. 

I have a few theories on what may be wrong with my current store. 

1. Products are not impulse buy products so the time it takes to sell 'brand' authenticity is too long to convert effectively. 

2. Costs are too high (unlikely, as I've received great feedback)

3. Ads are poorly targeted or targeted from a poor platform.


This leaves me with a few options to make over the next couple of days. Firstly though folks, i'm going to stop running Google ads until some ad'justments have been made (see what I did there). 

My options are;

Change the stores type of product (still within the same niche but maybe cheaper items or even offer + freeshipping and make money on the backend) 


Keep the store products and layouts identical and try to run a campaign through Facebook/Instagram ads first.


I will not give up and if you're reading this, neither should you. Success requires hard work and the ability to deal with set-backs. 

Let me know what option you think I should go with currently? 

Check back frequently to keep in touch or even bookmark this page. I'll let you know once I have made the choice. 

Newcastle Web Design




Still no change in products but i've canned the Google ads all together. 

I've decided before playing around with the Facebook ads I'll focus on building up the Instagram account a bit more and reaching out to some influencers. 

I'm offering influencers a discount code to give their audience who purchase from us, plus, i'm going the give the influencers a percentage of the profits. 

So far we've had a few more add to carts but the sales are still dry. This is a long haul and there will be many ups and downs. However I will do as I always do and keep hustling along. 

Hold tight my little dears, we are on the way to $150,000 in sales (even if we are still at $0 hahaha). Stay tuned for the next update and I look forward to connecting with you all in the comments. Leave some comments below if you're keeping up to date with this article and we can chat. 



First SALE! Okay.... it was my mum (god bless her) testing out my store and decided to make a purchase. I explained to her how dropshipping works but she still went ahead and made the purchase.

This actually allowed me to test a lot of new features on the store from order notifications to order fulfilment and adding a tracking number. This order allowed me to find and fix a few gaps I would have missed with other customers, especially with the 'order variants' section. 

Now the sales been there and I can see it in the flesh, i'll keep persisting, visualising and changing methods until I find something that works. The Instagram followers are just short of 1000 followers already and we're starting to pump out some great quality content. 

Thanks for the comments so far and looking forward to connecting with you all some more. 


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    Nawww! So cute your mum bought your first order! You’re so persistent! this has been a great article to read and I hope you keep updating it. Good luck with the sales, i’m positive you will get there!

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    Clicked on this blog because I follow you on Instagram. Loving it so far, please continue to update this!

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    Keep up the good work brother! I like an honest blog and this has taken the cake. I get to feel the true inside of the story and watch the struggles one goes through to make it to the top. Wish you the best of luck and I’ll send you a message on Instagram if you want to connect.

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