Traffic but no sales *SOLVED* | Shopify Dropshipping

In today's video I'm going to show you guys and gals the reasons why you are getting traffic to your website but not making any sales.

There are a few main reasons why you're getting traffic but no sales and fixing them is super important, not only for making money, but also because it's important for your Pixels "health".

There are two main types of reasons why you're getting a lot of traffic but no sales and each will need a different approach taken to be able to solve it.

Reason number 1. Bot traffic - this is by far the worst type of traffic you can send to your website, as it will never result in sales, crush your Shopify analytics and destroy your pixel. In the future your pixels will optimise towards this type of traffic and will make it harder and harder to make sales. Never buy offers that say "we will send you 1 million real organic visitors to your store", if this worked... everyone would be successful on Shopify.

Reason number 2. You're converting for very poor traffic, meaning that you're most likely running traffic campaigns to your website in hopes of getting "more people there". Ask yourself now.. would you rather pay $10 and get 1000 people to your store and no sales, or pay $10 and get only 50 people to your store but 2-3 people. You need to be aiming for purchase conversions always and letting your pixel build data for these audiences over time.

Keep watching the video as there are plenty more juicy tips and I explain exactly how you can start making actual sales. Hope you enjoyed the video and it brought you some value

Feel free to leave a comment about anything and I'll happily film a video on it.

*This video is for educational purposes only*

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