Top 4 Ecommerce Marketing Tips (WALKTHROUGH)

Top 4 Ecommerce Marketing Tips (HOW TO GUIDE)

 In today's video we are going over the top 4 marketing tips that will help you absolutely crush the online space, whether you are selling a product, service or building your brand name Let's go over the top 4 ecommerce marketing tips now Tip number

#1 Make sure you choose one platform to begin with and then master it. Don't around to multiple platforms until you a certain you can always put $1 in with ads on that platform and get $2 out, this is very important. Also... if you're reading this, you should give me a cheeky sub, I promise it's free

#2 Add in email and sms. You need to be capturing customer / audience data so you are able to hit them up with email or sms. This is very important and will help you to 10x your efforts. Don't mistake this as "moving onto another platform" as no matter what you do, you should always be trying to feed an email or sms list.

#3 Retargetting. It's cheap, it's huge for your ROI and it can be so precise it's scary. Target those ads to people who have seen your content/product/service then make your message specific.

#4 Move onto other platforms. You're now getting some momentum and you've found your groove. Add in additional sales channels as they will synergise in a way you won't even be able to predict.

Hope you've enjoyed this video on the top 4 ecommerce marketing tips and feel free to leave a comment below. I love when you all comment as it helps me grow and lets me make more content for you all.

Have a great week!

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