This James Bond Security Style Backpack Charges Your Phone

The Kingsons Anti Theft Backpack...

What can I say.... this thing is honestly incredible. If you're looking to keep all your sh** secure whilst travelling as well as having the convenience of a back pack charger on hand, this is a bag for you. 

Constantly running out of battery whilst on overseas public transport has been a major upset for so many things, photos I didn't get to take, social media stories I didn't get to film and even missing out on important texts. 

Basically with this backpack your phone gets a second life without charging, which is very nice, especially if you're a snapchat fiend like myself, your phone battery doesn't seem to last long enough. 


What other features does this thing have?

Well, it's got like 4 or 5 small pockets inside (1 with a zip) and a perfect sized flap to slide your laptop down into. If you travel anywhere and take your laptop, this bag helps put your mind at easy because a little padlock is attached that allows you to secure all your sh**. 


Within my first trip through Thailand I actually got my phone stolen from my shorts amongst a few other things, so this thing helps to put my mind at ease. The bag has like a little suction cap thing that your phone sticks to also, which if you have any sort of eyesight, you'll notice someone trying to rip it off before it gets stolen. 



We've recently started selling this bag and had great success so far because basically it's just the backpack with everything inside that I would ever want for myself. It currently is available in 2 colours a dark grey and a light grey and people have been loving it!

I'm starting to see more and more people repping this bag and if you're a traveller yourself, or just want a really good bag for work, you should give one of these bad boys a try and tell me you don't love it. 

I might be biased because we're selling this bag but it's a 5/5 review from us and all my family members are getting one for Christmas. 


Retails at only $129 + Free Worldwide Shipping

You can click the picture below to see it in our store, or just click HERE


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  • Just arrived a few days ago, incredible bag, lots of features and I can tell it’s going to be super durable, thanks TheMacLyf.


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