This Coffee Enhances Your Brains Memory Significantly

Testing Four Sigmatic’s Lions Mane and Chaga Mushroom Nootropic Coffee

 NZT Limitless



If you’ve ever seen the movie ‘limitless’ starring Bradley Cooper, you’ve most definitely wondered what it would be like to try that tempting little pill.



Well that product actually exists! Kind of….



The limitless pill is a form of ‘nootropic’ and we have hundreds currently available in our online marketplace. The most popular being different types of ‘racetams’ such as ‘aniracetam’ which is commonly combined with a Alpha GPC to increase the effect.

I gave various ‘racetams’ a trial myself, however, I didn’t really notice much of an effect. Instead I decided to try out four sigmatic’s nootropic mushroom coffee blend.



After testing it out over 7 days, it has now become an integral part of my morning ritual with many of the effects being ‘life changing’.



Here’s some of the benefits I’ve personally come across whilst taking this gorgeous little mushroom blend.

  1. Increased Concentration
  2. Increased Short Term Memory Retention
  3. Increased Long Term Memory
  4. Slight Increase In Sensory Reactions
  5. Huge Increase In Productivity Levels
  6. Various Sporting Advantages (Jiu-Jitsu and Kickboxing)
  7. Positive Mood Effects
  8. Extreme Increase In Exam Results



Not as cool as the movie, but hey… it’s still pretty damn good. Throughout the time I’ve been taking four sigmatic’s mushroom blend, I’ve enhanced my jiu-jitsu skills, reading speed, typing speed, Russian language comprehension and guitar abilities quite significantly. I have also used nootropics right before exams,  sped-read over content, I hadn’t previously seen  before and scored consistent distinctions in different topics. (However, it helps a lot more if you study while on the nootropic instead)



I’ve also noticed quite a few health benefits from the mushrooms themselves, including immunity boosting properties and digestive function boosters as well.



With little downside, besides a hefty price, I suggest you give some various nootropics and try and let me know about your experience, and if you have the same effects.


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