These 4 things made me RICH | 2021 Secrets

These 4 things made me RICH | 2021

Secrets In today's videos I'm going to be sharing with you the 4 biggest things I've learned in 2021 that helped me to become wealthy and happy. Hope you find some value from this video, let's get into it.

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Lesson / Tip Number 1

Constantly seek new information. Too often (myself included) are we held back by only 1 missing piece of information. We may have even learned 95% of what we need to become really successful in an industry, but we are missing the last thing needed to bridge everything together. By constantly seeking new information and applying yourself as a student each day, you develop your skills and you do that for long enough and you will always succeed, I promise you.

Number 2

Be critical about your environment. You show me your friends and I'll show you your future. Take care of your home environment, your daily environment (who do you talk to, what do you talk about). By placing or creating the perfect environment you stack the deck in your favour for success. Being successful is really hard.. it's a constant battle, don't make it harder. Stack the odds in your favour. If you were trying to lose weight, living in a house where there is soft drink and chocolate always around basically sets you up for failure. Remember you can only place so much energy into choices each day.. don't use your willpower (power, remember that is a unit of energy) on silly choices like "should I eat that chocolate or not?" ... just set your environment up to give you the best chance of succeeding.

Number 3

Set milestones... This one is really simple. Set milestones for your big goals or you're doomed to fail. Make sure to reward yourself like crazy for achieving even the smallest milestone.. and make sure you never reward yourself before it. This will 10x your speed and momentum Finally,

Number 4

Take time to enjoy the game. Really think about this... 99% of what you do each day doesn't really matter in the end. Life is a game, enjoy it. Have visions of what you want to achieve and hold them with in clear vision at all time, but also remember to stop, breathe and just really enjoy this beautiful game. I hope this helps you with your journey, now take a breath, enjoy yourself and get out there and have some fun you little rascal.

Love from, 

"this video is for education purposes only"

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