These 2 Ads Will Make You Millions - Shopify Ecommerce

These 2 Ads Will Make You Millions - Shopify Ecommerce

In today's video, I'm going to be showing you the 2 main types of ads you need to be running if you want to run a successful Shopify dropshipping store, or any other successful online brand.

It's so important in the fast growing social media age that you make sure you have a long term plan for growing your brands and you utilise the best ads to grow as fast as possible. Before we go over the 2 ads you should run to make lots of money online, make sure you join the Free VIP Facebook group, the course drops in exactly 7 days and as I said, there is only 20 spots.

Okay, let's go over ad number 1. Ad number 1 is something I started doing recently and I have seen 10x results in terms of profits as well as seeing a 10x reduction in the amount of sale resistance and effort needed to make sales. With this strategy, you will need to quantify your buyers interest by making sure the price of your product / service appears in a big bubble on your picture/video ads, or is at the very top of your text based only ads. This will significantly increase your cost per lead, message, site visit and sale, but it will instantly remove 99% of the people who are time wasting, not interested, and/or don't have the available budget to buy your product/service.

This works incredibly amongst all my ecommerce brands and I highly recommend you try it out. Ad number 2 Ad number 2 takes the complete opposite approach and will get you a lot of traffic very cheap, but will not quantity the buyers in any way. The key to making this sort of ad successful is in the second phase of the operation, which is extremely targeted and very cheap to run. Basically you want to set up and ad for your product/service and run as broad of an audience as possible, don't even choose a single gender even if your product is say "hair or beauty" because phase 2 will explain the power behind why we do this. After running your extremely broad targeted ad, which is very cheap and you have accumulated some data, you want to go ahead and launch 20-30 re-marketing ads with very personalised messages and very personalised targeting.

This will be very cheap to run, highly personalised and be targeting an audience who is already to some degree "warmed up" to your brand. For example you if you're selling beauty product you can target men aged 20-50 in your re-marketing and say. "need a great gift idea for mum, your sister or partner?" , this here is what every girl has been raving about... then push your product.

Then you could have another re-marketing ad and you could target women aged 50+ and say "look and feel younger with this completely natural new age cream".. etc.. get creative, it's hard for me to be ultra creative for you in the description box of a YouTube video/blog. No matter what Shopify dropshipping niche or product/service you are in / selling, this fundamental rule of advertising will hold true for the test of time.

Sure the platforms and media delivery might change, but the best marketers in the world understand these concepts and frameworks and then apply them to what's trending. Get out there and do the same. Hope you enjoyed today's video and it brought you some value, go ahead and sneakily hit the subscribe button, it can be our secret that you like my videos. Have a blessed and safe week .

This video is for educational purposes only