The Life-Changing Things I Learned From Tai Lopez and Grant Cardone's Online Courses

If you're any sort of entrepreneur and keep yourself glued into the social realm I'm sure you're either a big fan off, or at least heard of Grant Cardone and Tai Lopez.

These two men are global giants and have more accolades financially then a greedy money hungry dragon. 

I personally have both these mens online courses which cost over $4900.

And Boy Did I Learn A Lot!


I'm not even half way through Grant Cardones course yet as their is so much content. Tai Lopez's course alone took me around 3 months to complete and I was watching about 30 mins to an hours worth of content every single day. 


In between the constant grind of university life, managing my own business, personal brand and trying to learn a new foreign language, finding time to really sit down and absord this new information has been a cracker of a challenge. Nonetheless, what i've learned so far from these gentlemen has been incredible and has changed my lifes goals and ambitions signifigantly.


First of all I'm going to summarise Tai's Message on the 3 main areas of life and how you can succeed in all of them.


After that I'm going to talk about Grant Cardones 10x rule and some really helpful things I have learned so far within his sales course. 


1. Tai Lopez's 3 Main Areas To Dominate

Health, Wealth and Happiness

Pretty basic, but these three aspects encroach upon all areas of our life in some way or another and really without a healthy balance in all 3, you're life is doomed to be a misery. 

Without health, you're....dead, so the other two are completely useless in this case.

Without happiness you're life is basically pointless and you may as well be up there with the dead guy.

And finally without wealth... you will struggle signifigantly with both the others and eventually will lose both of them too.

Now this 'wealth' one is argued quite a lot. 

But I'll tell you this now, it's a lot easier to be happy and healthy sitting in a luxury spa inside you're 12 bedroom home, then it is to be under a tin shed in the rain. 

So what does Tai Lopez have to say on the matter? 

Well.... Tai explains, that we need to divide our life into these three areas and keep a healthy equilibrium between the three, in order to stop ourselves from going out of 'wack'. 

Tai also mentions his perspective on how we should divide our life between certain groups of people, in order to gain the most 'self progress' as possible. This philosophy he explains is called the 'Law of 33%'.

The law of 33% is quite simple and actually extremely interesting. 

The law states that we should spend our time between 3 demographics of people.

1. 33% with people beneath us (physically, financially, and mentally)

2. 33% with people on our 'level' (physically, financially and mentally)

3. 33% with people far above us (physically, financially and mentally)

This was actually a very mind blowing concept for me to discover from Tai, as when Tai later extrapolates, he explains that we generally spend 90% of our time around people on the same level as us, and usually only 10% between the other two groups. In fact, usually only around 1% with people far better than us, as many people find this quite intimidating, or unnerving. 

Not only do we tend to find people far better than us intimidating, usually they're quite hard to find, especially if you live in the middle ground and work a 9-5 job. Roughly 8 hours of your day is spent sleeping, that leaves you with 16... the average worker spends around 1.5 hours commuting and getting ready/leaving work... that leaves us with 6.5 hours of potential a day to find these people... Kind of depressing because that doesn't factor in all the other essential needs the average daily person has to undertake to stay healthy and vibrant. 

Trust me now, if you just said, but what about the people I work with? If you're not working for Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, then your manager is not a person who is financially 10 times above you. So how can you actually get out and meet these  people?

Well, Tai Lopez explains that whilst you may not be able to find these people or 'mentors' easily, you can READ about them. Reading is a summation of all these inspiring individuals life collections and you can absorb one whole books worth every single day. I'd personally recommend getting Tony Buzans Speed Reading Book, this has helped me pick up how fast I can read and retain information tenfold. 

Okay okay, enough of the life philosophies, let's get into some of the practical teachings in Tai Lopez's courses.

I've actually bought 3 of Tai Lopez's courses over time, meaning i've invested at least $6000 into mentoring from Tai. What I found in Tai's courses has changed my life and forced me to become a far better version of myself. 

In Tai's Social Media Marketing Agency,

He explains how we can leverage overlooked social media skills to work for businesses and manage their digital marketing services. Unlike most courses that just provide an overview approach to learning money, Tai walks you through a still very relevant model to making money from A-Z. At first you're taught how to build a portfolio on the cheap and work for companies, managing their digital businesses for around $999 a month (you're also taught all the skills to do each aspect, from Tai's specialists). 

At a later stage, after providing value to these businesses you can grow your 'agency' and charge upwards of $3999 a month!!!! times that by the 3 or 4 businesses your managing each month, and before even looking at outsourcing you're making some nice bank. 

A few things you learn in the course include;

Website Design,

Social Media Creation/Management


Website Optimisation

Rejection Handling Skills 

Negotiation and Persuasion Skills

Trust me, this course paid it's weight off in gold. 

In Tai's Travelling CEO Course

He basically went over most of the same concepts, except showed you how you can apply those skills while travelling and leveraging perks to become a 'well paid nomad'. 

Not as much 'new' information, if you'd already done his SMM package, but nonetheless I obtained a few little extra nuggets of gold, which I've used whilst travelling throughout Asia (I also use a lot of these concepts now that I work as an Instagram Influencer).


Lastly, In Tai's 'Make Money Online Course'

Tai goes over how to set up quick and easy Shopify stores, how to dropship products in from China and resell them to make profit, it also goes over how to run ads to acquire traffic and a few tricks about cognitive biases to increase conversion ratings... I also heavily rate this course and learned a lot from it, however, I feel it could have expanded more on the Google Ads side of things as it would have been extremely valuable. 

All in all Tai Lopez's courses have been incredible and I've gained a lot of knowledge from them. I will continue to be a constant student of Tai's and purchase his new courses as they unfold. 


Next we are going to talk about Mr Cardone. 

Now whilst I watch this guy like a hawk and love everything that he is doing, his skill mastery, motivation and passion, I don't agree with a few of his principles. 

Nonetheless, let's focus on what incredible things I learnt from Grant Cardones course and his famous 10x Rule. 

 So Grant Cardones 10x Rule is quite an incredible life changing rule. Obviosuly this is only going to work if you actually put it to practice and be consistent with it. If it motivates you for a day, a week or even a month and then you drop off, you'll just really miss out on the greater benefits it can bring. If you're going to adopt this principle it has be a life-long one and become part of your every day vibe. 

The 10x rule explains how we as humans are usually quick to blame the method for not working.

Oh... I can't learn another laguage, I've practiced an hour a day for a month, I still can barely speak.

Oh... I cant' increase my sales, i've tried everything. 

There are honeslty millions of scenarios that I often find myself guilty of being part of. 

Grant explains that it is not usually the methods fault, it's our activity levels. Our percieved activity levels of what we think it will take to 'get the job done' are extremely squwered. 

We have to start changing both our mindset and then our activity levels to 10 times that of which we think will work, or want to get done. 

Say for example you want to make $10,000 a month as your ideal income. That is plenty for you and you could be comfortable with that forever.  

Wrong.... Make that new goal $100,000 a month. 

Want to learn that language? Instead of practicing one hour a week.... make it 10.

Want to get more YouTube traffic and you're only making 2 videos a week... Make 20.

Now this may sound ridiculous and it does take a high level of energy. However when you're achieving this much and getting more results then you ever believed you could, new energy will form out of nowhere and keep you focused and pumping. 

If you honestly give this a try for just one month, you'll notice some incredible results, you just have to stick with it and be persitent. 

As an example, i've been starting to feel a bit down that my blogs still aren't getting much traffic. I then read how longer blocks will attract more audience and rank better in Googles ruthless old search engine... So... instead of pumping my normal 350 word blog three times a week, i've decided to make a 3500 word blog 3 times a week. If I don't see results with that, I'll smash that 10x rule again and make 9 x 3500 word blogs every single week.  

If you've never written a blog before, you'll know that the idea of doing that is just insane. However, those who do what others will not, will prosper.  

What are some areas you can 10x in your life? 

Now lets talk about Grants $2997 online sales course and some of the incredible tricks and life hacks I learned within it, and am still learning.... ahhh so much content. 


First let me say, Grant's course had so many little pockets of golden nuggets that I now use on the daily. In the very first video Grant talks about his mindset and the intrinsic values he believes every man, woman or child needs to have to be a successful seller. Grant has a saying that is 'the customer isn't always right...but we're going to agree with them anyway'. He states, "the customer can't disagree with you, if you agree with everything they say".

When you think about that... it actually really makes a lot of fu**** sense. I instantly started to apply this principle to how I spoke to potential clients over the phone when pitching them a new website, and I noticed an incredible surge in my conversions. Clients not only seemed happier to have a face to face meeting, but also were far more receptive when meeting them in person, compared to prior prospects. 

To give this prospect better perspective, basically when someone tells you a reason they don't like your product, service or your company itself, you just agree with them, but then offer them an alternative. "I completely understand", "I agree with you", "100%, you couldn't be more right", these are just a few of the key sayings Grant wants you to repeat in front of the mirror as a daily mantra. 

The rest of the course goes over a large range of sales focused topics, giving hundreds of variations of objection handles, closing strategies, prospecting strategies and follow-up strategies. 

As I mention earlier, I still have lots of this course left to go through, as it's just so fu*** massive. However, I keep finding new tips and tricks, which I then test in my sales pitches. So far this course has well paid off the money spent investing in it and I recommend it highly (no way affiliated either). 

I suggest you watch a few of Grants YouTube videos first, because he has so much free but incredible content their to find also. This will also give you an idea if you like his outlandish sort of character, as 'liking' someone allows us to adopt their ideas and ideologies faster. This is an important cognitive bias to know and it will help you with marketing and persuasion a lot. I'm going to talk a lot more about the main 25 human cognitive biases in my next blog, so tune in for that, if you're interested. 


As always, thanks for reading and please connect with me on any social media space if you want to chat or get to know each other better ..... and don't forget to leave a comment below! ❤️

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