Secret Way To Make Money Playing Computer Games | Thousands Per Week

Secret Way To Make Money Playing Computer Games | Thousands Per Week

In today's video I'm going to be attempting to make money playing computer games by utilising a sneaky tactic I caught onto in the recent weeks. The scary thing is that other people are already doing this successfully and have earned over $300,000 from this one game alone.

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The game I'm talking about is world of warcraft. Alex Becker constantly describes how addictive the game is and after a little research you can see that this game still has one of the biggest active player lists in the world. How can we make money from it though? No not streaming or anything like that... People will actually buy accounts with maxed out level characters to save themselves the grueling hours put into getting XP, ... why? Why not?

People spend billions on Fornite skins alone each year, it's not our job to judge peoples hobbies or vices but instead cap in on the money behind the scenes. So how are we actually going to make money? Here's the steps...

#1 buy account and game time for $80
#2 pay a freelancer $70 per maxed out character
#3 sell via one of the many exisiting websites with a demand

With a little research I have been assured my freelancer can get me 4 characters from level 1-60 month.. The going rate for these characters are $499 USD a pop....

By selling all 4 characters on the same account we can apply the bundling effect to make the perceived value worth more... For example Get 1x character for $499 or Get 4 x maxed out characters, extra in game gold + a months free game time for only $2499 The goal for the first month is to get just 1 sale, then next month if this works, I'll be having 4x Freelancers working around the board, meaning I could potentially be cashing in at $10k month from this game alone... I

f you found this video interesting and want a part two with the results, please leave a comment and let me know, also smesh the like and subscribe button and I'll see you all next week.

Stay safe, love you bro's

"This video is for educational purposes only"

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