New Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Method | Express Delivery & NO Competition

New Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Method | Express Delivery & NO Competition

Facebook Group For Course Release - August 30th

In today's video we are going to be going over a new and unseen Facebook marketplace dropshipping method that is doing me serious numbers! It is crazy how fast it can make you money and the best part is the products are all super high quality, have express delivery and no competition.. crazy right?

There are 2 parts to this method actually, as one is needed to for long term growth, as the other method can make you a lot of money very fast. However, it requires constant daily management and work from yourself.

The long term strategy for making lots of sales on Facebook Marketplace, is to create a private Facebook group and feed all your customers that purchase from you. You want to feed the data over, so you can make sales at the push of a button long term and build something into a long term brand.

Facebook marketplace is still in its infancy stage and if you aren't making the most of it right now, you are missing out on an opportunity to make yourself a lot of money. Okay.. let's go over the new strategy for Facebook Marketplace you have all been waiting for, and start to make you some money.

Make sure after this video, you check out my Marketplace selling tips video here, as this will 10x your profits by using a few sneaky tricks.

Okay so the method is to go to big website in your country.. not amazon, ebay or walmart... there are lots of alternatives and you want to go to their sale section. The example I use in this Facebook Marketplace video is ASOS, a massive company here in Australia that sells fashion. Each day you want to go to the brands "sale section" and find things with awesome clearance markdowns. You want to list those for sale at a little higher price and you will make a lot of sales on Facebook marketplace. Sounds simple right... you're missing the point of how powerful this is for making money.

You have products no one else is selling on Facebook marketplace, you have high quality well known brands, you have local & most likely express shipping available, and you have 0 competitors, as the sales change day to day. Feed all those sales into a Facebook group and then announce the best deal each week as a post to make extra sales for next to no work.

Yes, fulfilling orders and everything else will take more time, but if you want to cash in on potentially thousands to tens of thousands of dollars a week from Facebook marketplace alone. Get started on this immediately.

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