Making $100k + A Year Shopify Dropshipping (CASE STUDY)

I think the best part about all of this is the fact that pretty much all the sales come from a free traffic source, Facebook Marketplace. Not enough people are taking advantage of Facebook Marketplace or using it correctly. By learning marketplace now, you can essentially start off your e-commerce career and gain experience in so many little areas before ever spending money on ads.

Things like, Order fulfillment, customer service, refunds, gateway issues etc

So many of the micro-skills you will learn by just getting started and building momentum. Too many of you are trying to be perfect right from the get-go and it's slowing down your progress 10x. Start making moves and constantly improve and tweak as you go.

A lot of you asked for this video as a case study, so you can see what's possible using Facebook Marketplace & since growing my experience myself, I now currently have a lot of stores doing a lot more damage in terms of sales figures by using more advanced forms of Facebook marketplace marketing. I hope this video is enough to get you inspired to start, or keep you inspired enough to keep pushing through with e-commerce as anything is possible as long as you don't quit and have the determination to soldier on and improve day by day.

Feel free to leave a comment for any other topics you'd like to see & I'd be happy to film them for you.

Once again, thanks for watching & feel free to connect with me on IG @themaclyf

~ BONUS OFFER ~ Advanced Facebook Marketplace Course - $1 a week.... now how can you beat that for value..

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