Making $10,000 In One Week

Monday Morning.....

I was awoken by the natural sunlight hitting my eyes through a sneaky little breeze that pushed the curtain aside. I was thrilled to begin my hunt of making $10,000 in 7 days.

Let's talk about the method.

1. Gather a huge list of prospects around the Newcastle area who needed a new website

2. (The Fun Part) The cold call grind....

3. Set meetings and appointments for later in the week

4. Close the sales and build the websites

I spent all of Monday morning through to the evening gathering a huge list of companies I knew were in dire need of a new website. The websites were unsecure, looked tacky, had a high bounce rate and were not mobile friendly, combined with many of other problems.

What a successful Monday.



Coffee ingested, nootropics activated and I'm ready to perform at my peek. Throughout the morning, I gathered quite a few more potential prospects and then began the soul crushing grind of cold calling. (After watching the phone sales scene in wolf of wall street about 6 times).

Luckily the skills I had acquired after years of cold calling for charities throughout Sydney were still present. After 10 calls, I had set 4 meetings for the week and decided that would conclude my long Tuesdays work.



Remembering my knee was recently broken and still in a cast, I came to the realization that I would have to outsource someone to close the sales for me... but who?

My stepdad is a champion salesmen and has taken great interest in my business and kindly volunteered some of his time to try and close these prospects for me. It was all set and ready to go... but then.....

One guy who we were set to meet with on the Thursday, sent through an apologetic email, letting us know.. he was out! For now anyways...



I woke up around my usual early morning time of 10.30am and sat down to enjoy a coffee. My stepdad had left a message letting me know he had closed one of the deals and he was sending through the details shortly. "Beautiful", I thought, $2500 here we come.... However, with such a price comes the need for perfectionist quality work, and I always deliver, I began coding up the framework and getting this clients website underway.



I once again awoke and just like a blissful dream there was yet another message telling me we have closed a potential prospect.... $5000. So, now you can imagine how Friday was spent, (insert a clip about computer coding for numerous hours and drinking copious amounts of coffee).

Successful week so far, I must say!



After waking I quickly checked my phone in hopes of seeing another closed sale, however.. unfortunately there was not. A real pity also, because this particular hotel would have benefited greatly with a new 'higher converting' website. Not to worry, the client did actually want the website but had to hold off on making an immediate purchased, as they had just out-layed a large amount of capital for a new swimming pool.


Set to begin their website in early September... I've decided to count that one as a sale, even if it is a future one.



Although the 4th potential client had pulled out and decided not to conduct business with us, all in all, it was a great week, banking $5000 and having $2500 waiting to be taken a date shortly after.


Close but no Cigar

Just falling short of my 10k in one week goal, I didn't really feel bummed out at all (I'm sure you can imagine why) .. With $5000 in the pocket and $2500 just up the road, $7500 for seven days work isn't a bad bet in my books at all.


All the credit of this new method of thinking I have adapted, that will allow me to consistently make $10,000 a week is courtesy of Grant Cardone's 10x method.

I highly recommend you give it a go and 10x your current mindset and goals.. for me financially, it allowed me to make just short of $10,000 in less than one week of applying this methodology.


As always, thanks for reading and please connect with me on any social media space if you want to chat or get to know each other.

You can find me on;

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