How You Can Make Money Online Instantly With Your Own Microsoft Word E-Book

Back at it again folks with another sneaky way you can make a few extra dollars each month by publishing your very own E-Book.

Now, let me set this straight right away.... No this book will not pay off your house loans, and it won't make you a millionaire. 

But how does an extra $300-$400 a month sound though? 

That's $3600-$4800 a year. That's that little holiday you've been thinking of.

Plus, you don't have to stop at one book. Why not 5 or 6?

The average E-Book is around 200 pages or 15,000 words, which you could easily bang out in a week of spending 3-4 hours after work writing. 

If you're interested in how it all works, how to publish one, topic advice, writing advice and everything to do with getting started, read on... because I'm going to take you through the whole journey. A to $


1. A live example

Here's one book I currently have published and it makes me a sneaky little mint every month. I wake up on the first of each month and have a nice little deposit popped perfectly into my eagerly waiting bank account. My book is called Let's Make A Million... I only said that because this will help me with my SEO (hehehe).

Get your copy here

The life span of each book is endless but you'll get most sales within the first 3 years of publishing it.

That's potentially $8000+ for a weeks work, not bad ayeee. 

Now when doing your book the first best tip I can give you is this. You just invested all that time into writing the fu**er, don't stinge out when it comes to getting a great cover photo created. 

So many people fall victim to this trap and that's a big one when it comes to making sales. If you're not a graphic designer yourself, hire a professional.. it's worth the money. 

With that being said, obviously don't go and outlay hundreds for a book cover, when the intention of the book is to firstly make you money. You can hire a skilled designer from either Fiverr or Upwork, and have them do it for you. I believe my cover (both front, back and 3d view) cost me a little under $35 aud.

Make sure you're specific about the way you want your cover to look or many of these freelance giggers will customise the smallest details on a template from somewhere and shoot it to you. 

Okay, key trick done, let's look at how you actually sell this bad boy and how much to charge.


2. Automation Sales

This is where many go wrong in their beliefs about selling an E-Book, they believe that they'll have to deal with customer requests, order filling, online stock management etc.... No, no, no. All this takes time and you could be spending it making money elsewhere. 

Use Amazons Kindle Self Publisher.

These guys will host it on Amazon for you to thousands of people every day that interested in your books niche, market it for you, handle the sales process and then finally pay you a royalty for each book sold. 

My Quote Is: "Don't compete against the giants, when you can stand on their backs and pick some of the fruit along the way."

So how much does Amazon actually pay you?

Well you can choose either 35% or 70% and each have different variants. However for the sake of saving you a LOT of time, go with the 70% option and sell your book at a lower cost. 

The price we want to sell our E-Book for is $2.99 USD

THAT'S RIGHT! Only $2.99... 

When looking at statistics and trialing myself, I found that this method results in the highest profit in the end game, and that's all we're interested in. How much do I get at the end of each month. 

By selling your book for $2.99 a lot more copies will be sold and at the end of the month you'll be loving life. You get to keep at $2.05 USD a copy this way because it's a special price that Amazon likes to feature. 

If your book goes well, you'll easily sell 150+ copies a month.

So how easy is it to set an Amazon Self Publisher Account up? 

You can legit get this done within 10-15 minutes, just make sure you have your tax file number, bank details and what not ready, so that Amazon knows where to pay you.

You can create your account here. (Yes they are 100% FREE)


Okay, now let's look at picking a niche for your book and why it's so important.


3. Blue Ocean Niche

An overfished ocean leaves no spoils for the hungry man. In this case, only the skilled or 'well established' fisherman will survive. So why compete?


Simply pick a new ocean. 

A fresh blue ocean with plenty of fish and little fisherman to compete with. 

This is the way to succeed very quick when it comes to selling E-Books online.

If your book is about 'making money online' for mine, you're going to have a lot of competition. 

That's why you dive deeper down into a sub-niche and focus your topic about that. So, instead of going with 'making money online', go with 'making money online blogging'. Just by adding in that extra little step, you've still captured the larger targeted audiences attention, but additionally, you've removed a huge chunk of your competition. 

This is specifically important when it comes to choosing a niche of where to post your book on Amazon. Now that you have divided yourself from your competition, Amazon will make it a lot easier for others to find your book, because you aren't competing against the big boys..and gals. 

Another big tip to add to this though, is to don't write about something unless your generally interested in it. Not only will you 'hit the wall' and struggle when writing your book, it will reflect in your writing and your audience will catch on quickly.

Don't write about 'how to catch a giant tuna' if you don't give a fu** about Tuna.

Pick something either you've experienced, or enjoy, dive a little bit deeper into a sub category and then get to work.


Next, we look at my top writing tips and how you can make your audience want to read your book.  


4. Feeding the Fish

I have realised I've been using fish analogies for like the last couple hundred words, so now it's hard to stop and thus I have used yet another fish analogy for my mini-title. 

Anyways, let's carry on with how to get past 'writers block' and how to make your content engaging. 

I honestly think that it's as simple as this. Don't say, I'm going to get 10 pages done today or you will struggle.

Say this "I'm going to put down one good sentence", once you get that sentence down and your like ' god damn that was a cracker sentence' the flow on effect will take place and you will keep typing like a mad-man. Once you hit that block again, refresh, recompose and get out one good sentence again. This works for me and it allows me to crack out books that I think of are decent quality in little to no time at all. 

An example would be to think of a catchy starting sentence.

Like.... So, you've been wondering how everyone else seems to be making ridiculous money online from somewhere, but yet you still can't figure out how... we'll my gorgeous little friend, read below and let me teach you how... step by step.

And just like that, we have a catchy little sentence that will light the flow on effect and send you into a typing frenzy, or so we hope. 

Another tip I read from a book on persuasion highlighted and reinforced the important of using attention grabbing words.

Here's a list for you to look at. When in doubt try to use as many as you can.

1. You

2. I 

3. Free

4. New

5. Sex

6. Money

7. Because

8. Instantly

9. Now

10. Help


There's 10 little bad boys as a kickstarter for when you need a guide to refer back to. See how much catchier does 'Learn How To Make Money Online Instantly' sound then learn how to make money online. 

Both catchy, yet one is capitalised and contains a single yet powerful additional word on the end. 


Right.. you now know, what to write the book about (hopefully), how and where to sell it, how much to charge and a few sneaky extra tips.


Next, let's look at where you can write it.



5. Using Microsoft Word

You're going to need Microsoft Word for this bad boy and if you don't have it I'm sure you could find a similar platform elsewhere to compose your book.

It's honestly as easy as writing a report at school. 

Start with a cover page with the title in all fancy letters and what not, then a contents/index page, then a super snazzy life changing quote, then start writing.

Make sure you seperate your book into seperate chapters and put the title of the chapter before. I try to get an idea in my head, go through and write all the chapter titles first and then compose my book around that. It stops you firstly from heading way off track, and secondly helps to you refer back to the topic when you're stuck.

Next make sure to include page numbers down the bottom and finally finish it off with a conclusion page and insert any little pictures you want to add to heighten the delight of your readers. 

When inserting pictures, you can right click, hit wrap text, then click wrap in square. This will let you move and resize your pictures around freely without it loading into preselected slots and destroying your text by placing its ugly self in the middle of all your hard work.

Once you're conviced you're completely finished, take the time to proofread it 5 or 6 times, don't be lazy. You're readers will be thankful that read was a smooth one with hopefully little errors and might even head on back for your next release. 

A pro tip is to get a family member(s) or friend(s) to proofread it for you also, with the sole intention of destroying your hard work by looking for errors or poor sentence structure. Remember... none of your family/friends want or more likely have enough time to quickly read your whole book. Each time you complete a paragraph send it through to them to check, makes the whole exchange a lot smoother. Then.. by them a bottle of wine or something nice.


Finally, we are going to look at what I think is the most important step by far, when it comes to selling anything online, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and more specifically SEO for Amazon's Self Publishing. 


6. SEO is the difference between eating a steak for dinner and eating a steak on a private jet overlooking the water for dinner.


Well... at least that title wasn't about fish. 

Let's get stuck into SEO because their is a far bit to cover, but remember, your competitors probably won't stick through and read all of this, so you'll end up out ranking them, making more sales, and then sending me a personalised thank you message, or following me on Instagram 😉


1. Plan out your keywords before you even start writing your book. 

After you've got your niche and sub-niche sorted and you're ready to get writing, take the time to do a keyword search and see how many people are interested in your specific topic and some keyword variations. This will also be a great indicator to decide whether or not your book will be worth writing. 

If your topic is small rectangular shaped brown rocks on mars, your audience probably won't be very big. Also don't steal my idea, because that might be my next book.

How to keyword research? Use either Google Keywords which is free, or, I believe you get a few free searches a day with Serps and Google's one is always free.

Try to get about 5-7 keywords that have a good range of audience to market to. After you publish your book, any content you put out with links that have those keywords in them, will strengthen your Amazon SEO and ultimately increase your sales. 

Also try to mention your keywords a few times throughout your book, as because it is digitalised when you upload it, this will also help to strengthen your SEO. However, don't compromise your writing quality in order to fit in keywords, the reason people bought your book to begin with is because they are hoping to enjoy or learn about the topics and expressions within its delicious little covers...well internet covers now... so basically within its button click. 

If you haven't noticed, i've mentioned my keywords quite a few times throughout this article already, and put them into different variations in order to avoid Google thinking that I am 'keyword stuffing'. 

When you upload your book to Amazon Publisher, make sure you select the keywords you're trying to rank for in the keywords section. You can choose up to 7 of them, try to use all 7, as the more you hit, the more chance your book has of being seen and bought.  



Lastly, if you want to truly understand how to dominate SEO rankings and make more sales, I summarised the 5 most important tips here in a quick little video for you.

 Additionally guys if you want to watch a quick video to go back over everything we just went through, you can watch my YouTube Video here also.

As a sign off note guys, if you're interested at an in depth look in to everything marketing and online wise and really want to know 5-6 different passive income streams you can set up, so you can relax and travel like me, you can check out my book HERE , plus it's only $2.99...


As always, thanks for reading and please connect with me on any social media space if you want to chat or get to know each other better ..... and don't forget to leave a comment below! ❤️

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