Make $1560 Month Playing This Game | Axie Infinity Investment | Part 1

Make $1560 Month Playing This Game | Axie Infinity Investment | Part 1

Hey there my loyal little watcher, thanks for tuning in. In today's video I'll be showing you this awesome new little game I found called Axie Infinity. The cool part is Axie is basically Pokemon but every-time you play you earn this thing called SLP which you can convert to real Ethereum.

That means you're getting paid to play a game... pretty cool hey, well I thought so anyways. So to play this game you need 3 Axie's and they cost around $200-$300 each at the moment, last year they only cost around $5 each, crazy aye! Anyways, this video is part one in a 3 part series where I'm going to be playing Axie Infinity, showing you the steps to getting started and recording if I actually make any money back from this investment and all the little fun stuff in-between.

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Basically getting into Axie Infinity isn't as simple as downloading paying and playing, you actually need to follow quite a few little steps I found out if you want to make money playing Axie Infinity. You'll need a trust wallet / binance account you can withdraw to and you'll need to set up your Ronin wallet through the chrome extension portal to be able to buy axies and start playing.

After you've created your Ronin wallet, to deposit real money you will need to go through the verification process. It says you'll receive an email when verified but I never did. I checked back 2 days later and must have been verified as the payment went through.

Look out for part 2 because in the next video I'll be showing you my first thoughts of the game, what the gameplay is like and how much money we made! Looking forward to seeing you all in the next part of the series, stay safe and enjoy this beautiful world.

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