Make $1 Million Dollars using Facebook Marketplace | Structured Plan

Make $1 Million Dollars using Facebook Marketplace | Structured Plan

In this video I'm going to show you the 4 stages you need to work with and a strategy you can apply to make $1 million dollars with Facebook Marketplace, or any other business. By understanding what to do in and where to put your attention within each of these 4 modules, you'll be able to fast-track your path to success, and making your first $1 Million dollars.

As Charlie Munger said "You're first $100,000 is your hardest" and there is a key reason why. It took me quite a while to figure out how to pass the first $100,000 mark and I'm talking about profit.

Yes I've been there, yes I've done it, that's why these words hold value. Facebook marketplace is such a powerful tool and still in its infancy stages, if you've been delaying getting started, hopefully this video pushes you over the line. As always, a little plug ...

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Okay, so what are the 4 stages to making $1 million dollars with Facebook marketplace. You need to understand the 4 brackets of wealth and where you currently sit, this will help you focus your attention on a specific goal, at each stage.

Stage 1 ($0-$1000), Stage 2 ($1000-$10,000), Stage 3 ($10k-$100K), Stage 4 ($100k - $1M),

I can't speak about 1-10M because I'm not in that stage yet.. but I will be soon. Stage 1 Your focus - Pick a plan and a single niche and follow it through, 99% of you fail because you chop and change with a "grass is greener" mentality and never see anything through. Pick a single plan and act on it only for a few months. Even if it takes you 3 months to make your first $1000 with Facebook Marketplace, you've now done it. If you've done it once, you can do it again.The thing about doing someone once is, every time it becomes easier and easier.

Stage 2 Repeat the process - No this isn't sarcastic, simply repeat what you already did 10 times... and make sure to write down the entire process as if you were teaching it to someone, this is very important. This shouldn't take you 10x the time because each time you do it, you'll learn tiny little factors that will make it faster and faster every single time.

Stage 3 Looking beyond yourself - You know what to do, you know exactly how to do it. Now teach someone and pay someone less to go and do it for you, this is the first stage of real growth in business and it's what took me from my first $10k to $100k ... yes using Facebook Marketplace, very fast. I went from $10k, which took forever... to $100k + within a year... I hired people to do my role, cheaper... you need to know every single detail to be able to do this, so you can't skip ahead and cheat stage 1/2.. these are very important. Stage 1/2 is where 99.9% of people give up and that's why only .1% of people make a lot of money in this space. Do the damn work and execute with patience.

Stage 4 Hiring teams - Now this is different and not to be confused with step 3. You're not hiring people to do the job you already know, that's for VA's. Now you're hiring specialists to enhance every other area of your business. Tech gurus, accountants, lawyers, tik-tok experts, email marketing experts, whatever industry you're in... find your gaps and hire specialists to fill them.

This is how you will see exponential growth and was the hardest lesson for me to learn, leaving me stuck at the $100k bracket for a long time. This may all seem like common knowledge but too many people don't act on this information, give up early and chase the new shiny egg... don't be that person. Your future self deserves better.. get out there and crush it.

Lot's of enhancements coming over the following weeks, better audio, better editing, better strategies and more content.

You will win, I believe in you.

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Make $1 Million Dollars using Facebook Marketplace | Structured Plan

"this video is for educational purposes only"

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