Instant FIX for Facebook Marketplace Ban | Get Unbanned from Facebook Marketplace

Instant FIX for Facebook Marketplace Ban | Get Unbanned from Facebook Marketplace

In today's video I'm going to show you how to get unbanned from Facebook marketplace and restore access to your facebook marketplace account fast.

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Template for Facebook Marketplace Message
Your Name - Customer Info - Hey there, I woke up this morning and found my Facebook marketplace access was banned. I think this has glitched out, please help me restore access ASAP. I use Facebook marketplace everyday personally for buying and selling. Please help me, Kind regards - Your Name again

Okay so I have two methods to show you today on how you can get access restored to your Facebook marketplace account and I recommend you use both. One will not only help with restoring access but will give you the cheeky insider tactical advantage over your competitors. Being steps past everyone else is how you win in business.

The first method is the help centre method and you really need to watch the video to understand how to do it correctly. Use the message template I have provided and make sure you submit the form everyday until access is restored. Be persistent and you will get access back to your Facebook marketplace account.

The second method is far more advanced and not many people in the space know about it. Go to ads manager, create an account if you don't have one, then schedule a call with a Facebook strategist. This is so powerful, so powerful and you don't want to sleep on this opportunity whilst Facebook has offered it to us for free. Make sure to get them to file an internal fix for your Facebook Marketplace account and ask them if they can mention "whitelisting your account" You want to ask away and make the most of your time so it's best to prepare questions before your call.

I hope today's video helped and I'm keen to see you all smesh it out and make some dengi.

Love from TheMacLyf, have a great week!

"this video is for educational purposes only"

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