How To Make $100k Year With Free Facebook Marketplace Ads (Shopify Dropshipping)

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Want to know how you can make $100k a year using free Facebook Marketplace Ads for your Dropshipping or ecommerce store?

It's actually really simple and a lot of people overcomplicate it when it comes to Dropshipping.

If your mindset currently thinks "how can I make 1% of 1% of that market in sales?" , you need to change it up. Instead look at how much $100k a year profit really is. $100,000 / 365 = Roughly $274 a day, thats it. Now when this becomes difficult is when you try and sell a product at such a low price point because you believe for some weird reason it's "good business".

Look at it like this, using marketplace alone you can sell 2 products a day for $150 profit, you just need to find products with a high perceived value. Before any ad costs at all, you can be making 2 sales a day through your marketplace account alone. That's $100k profit a year for your dropshipping store baby!

My message is to be patient with Marketplace, it takes a few days for momentum to build and for your account to "warm up". After you've posted 2-3 times a day for 2-3 weeks you'll have enough products on your account that you'' receive daily messages.

You will most likely hit a viral product also and these Facebook marketplace "winning products" will get 20+ messages a day. You can then go ahead and run Facebook ads on these products and will have a high chance for success as you already know the product is a winner.

There is obviously a lot of scaling methods you can add in to get your store even to the 7 figure mark and the best part is there is minimal adspend, meaning more profit. If you want to learn the scaling method for marketplace leave a comment down below and feel free to send me a message on Instagram @themaclyf.

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