How to Make $100k Year Dropshipping With Facebook Marketplace (Scaling Method 1)

How to Make $100k Year Dropshipping With Facebook Marketplace (Scaling Method 1)

Hello peoples, this is a video I've been excited but also nervous to do for you all, as it gives away a big part of my bread and butter that I use for all my stores. At this point in the game, I had a mindset shift and realised I'd much rather focus on providing you all value and giving you the true dropshipping wizard secrets, rather than just keeping them all hidden for myself.

With TheMacLyf growing so fast now and my personal brand even starting to match the results of my dropshipping stores, it's time to teach you all how to scale like crazy with Facebook Marketplace and trust me, this is just one of the many scaling methods. Done correctly, these can take your brand from nothing to 7 figures with little to no paid ads (other than remarketing, which I always recommend).

In this video I teach you the first part of scaling & it's not just relevant for Facebook Marketplace, but it's how you should approach scaling within any business. The first thing to do is to look at is - are you providing an exceptional service / experience that is going to scale with ease, or are you creating yourself mega problems.

Make sure you are creating something that will allow you to scale with ease as the customer base and orders ramp up. The next thing to look at it is - what's working for you now and what are the barriers preventing you from amplifying that at scale. Take Facebook Marketplace for example. You're limited by a single location & limited by the amount of posts you can put out each day (Facebook doesn't specifically say this, but in my testing it's about 3-5 day maximum). So, looking at marketplace, we can see we're held back by location and posts. So how can we work our way around them? Let's imagine the opposite first. Imagination is key, before you ever even attempt to solve the method/problem. Imagine a way where you could post in 10+ major cities at once + post 30-50 times per day. That's roughly 350 product posts a week... Well really, the only thing that's holding us back is the accounts themselves. We need more accounts. You can buy Facebook Marketplace accounts (no affiliation) but, you need to set them up correctly to make sure you don't get flagged etc and there's some very important small details I mention in the video.

ps, don't think you can just create a new Facebook account because Facebook is a crafty son of a gun. They restrict marketplace access until your new account has been used "regularly" for up to 2 years. I

f you've started planning long term like myself, I have thousands of accounts being created a week and used by my team with preparation for the future, but that's a video for another time.

If you want to see the next marketplace scaling method which is infinitely bigger, make sure to leave a comment so I know and smesh the lil subscribe button if you're feeling it. Thanks for watching.
"this video & text is for educational purposes only"