How To Get Instagram Followers Fast (Works In 2019)

how to get instagram followers fast


Want to know how you can grow your Instagram account to over 20,000 niche specific followers in as little as 3 months? 

Being a professional blogger, instagram influencer and marketer myself I know exactly what it takes to grow an Instagram account within any niche, so here below I'm going to show you how you can do the same. 

If you're short on time you can watch my video here below or you can read about my top 3 tips just below that... let's get it! 




Tip 1 

Have you read the book 1000 true fans? If not I'm going to tell you why the principles within it are so important and transferable to growing your instagram account. Basically, if you had 1000 people that admired you so much they were willing to spend $1000 on you, your brand or company.. that's 1 million dollars of income available to you. 

You have to use this principle within your instagram and you want to establish 'true fans'. They're the ones who DM you, the ones who like and comment on all of your posts and watch your stories every day. 

A lot of companies aren't even engaging with their 'already' followers, who are taking the time to comment on their posts and message them.

So.... if this is you or your brand... clean up your act... you're building a community. Start replying to every single comment on your posts, even if it's just a smile or winky face at the very least. If the comments are negative you can remove them or comment something funny as a reply, don't get emotionally attached. Remember even negative comments count as engagement which will get you more views.


how to get more instagram followers


 Tip 2  

The follow/unfollow method... 

Now this one gets a lot of heat and a lot of companies don't like using it.. but it works and it gets peoples attention in the most direct way. If you want to be a marketer or grow your instagram, you need to be getting peoples attention. 

Basically you...

Find a page that is similar to yours with a lot more followers, or within the same niche. (If you're a pet store, go ahead and find a big company based with pets, like RSPCA)... 

Next go to their recent picture and click on 'who liked this'.. 

Now go ahead and follow all of those people.. I recommend in chunks of 100 people at the most of instagram will flag you and block you from following anyone for 24 hours... no biggie if this happens. 

Whats going to happen is around 20% of these people will follow you back and you've now gained new niche specific followers. 

If you follow 500 people a day, that's 100 new followers a day, or 3000+ a month. 

Now you just go ahead and unfollow all the ones who didn't follow you back or people you don't want to follow anyways. 

Just using this method alone without any others you will gain 9000+ niche specific followers in 3 months.


Tip 3 

Run a competition. 

This is a quick way to get heat and light up your followers and engagement. However, there's a specific way to get a lot out of running a competition and here's what you want to do. 

Instead of giving something away valued at $1000... give away 100 items valued at 10. This allows you to draw your competition out over a much longer period of time, get a lot more feedback and customer testimonials and allows you to capture a huge email list of people if done correctly. 

If you're a business, you can then use this email list to re-market directly to your new followers and make a lot of money. 

Finally, with your competition you can ask people to comment or hashtag to enter which will 10x your engagement. 


get instagram followers fast 2019 works


As always, thanks for reading and please connect with me on any social media space if you want to chat or get to know each other better ..... and don't forget to leave a comment below! ❤️

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