How To 10x Your Sales - With This One Trick | Ecommerce

How To 10x Your Sales - With This One Trick | Ecommerce

Want to know how to 10x your sales, profit and massively reduce your customer demand costs + overheads.. it's really this simple and has made a massive change for my business these last couple months.

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The trick is so simple that it sounds almost stupid but has so many direct impacts on your business it is insane. All you have to do to 10x your sales and profits is remove 90% of your customers... what.. wait up, wait up. Well removing your customers is actually a by-product of charging a premium for your products. Yes I'm talking about if you're a fashion brand selling $20 hoodies.. start selling them for $500-$600. You should be saying "you're crazy!" right now. T

hat's exactly what we want. People say, "only Versace" can charge that much. Versace started somewhere just like you.. they didn't start by selling their jumpers for $20 and working up.. they had a vision, a high price point and they stuck with it. This doesn't just work for fashion, but for every single type of brand and service imagine-able.. Now you're probably thinking, "okay I mean I could charge that much, but no one is going to buy from me right?" This one sentence will change your life.. don't sell your product / service.. sell value.

People don't buy a hoodie because it's 100% cotton, they buy it for the value. People buy Versace because they get instant status recognition, they make their friends jealous, they feel sexy. You need to target these things and then over-provide on the value.

Plus having more margins will allow lots more working room for value and marketing. Instead of selling a $30 hoodie with a $10 profit margin, meaning at most you have $10 in ads to play with. A $600 hoodie gives you maybe $550 in profit with value you can add on top.

Compare the two

$30 cotton hoodie

$600 designer hoodie
Free express delivery
Designer box and packaging
Custom note & your name on the tag
Custom video showing your hoodie being hand made 
Limited edition item with 1/100 stamping

See all the extra's you can add with charging high price points.. you can pay for everything else out of your profits. You'll have less customer service to deal with, provide way more value, meaning way better reviews and way more profit. You'd still be left with $400+ profit after all of that.

Hope you enjoyed this video and found some value, check out my marketplace automation if you want to sit back, relax and make money on autopilot.

This video is for educational purposes only

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