The 1 Difference Between Rich & Broke People | Instant Fix

The 1 Difference Between Rich & Broke People | Instant Fix

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I'm now 26... yay for me.. it's been another year of learning and crushing goals and I wanted to share the biggest possible thing I've learned this year that has helped me make a lot of money and will help you make money too. This is the one thing that I see that separates all the wealthy people I know from all the broke people I know. Offers...

What do I mean offers? 99% of people have truely terrible offers. They aren't selling me the dream, they aren't removing my fears associated with the product/service and they aren't offering any sort of guarantee. If you have a failing / only semi successful business, you need better offers. Seriously, offer the world.

Stop trying to work out how you'll fulfil on those promises, how you'll handle the orders / customer service and just do it. Throwing your self in the deep end will force you to learn how to do all those things with real stakes. The problem is 99% of people try to solve all their business issues before the issues even arise. I feel this is such a counter intuitive approach as the world, our products and services are constantly evolving and changing and yours should be too.

Offer the damn world, then learn how to walk the walk, back up your promises and use the cash and resource to do those things.

Hopefully this video helped you out and you can start throwing out some better offers. Smesh my subscribe button if you want to see more content like this :)

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