Fake Guru's Hate This Guy! TheMacLyf Disrupts the dropshipping industry using this free marketing method to make $100k with NO paid ads

TheMacLyf disrupts the entire ecommerce industry putting "fake guru's" under the pump, by giving away information on how to dropship & make over $100,000 a year, using no paid ads at all. Below he mentions his entire method. 

(As seen on "The Digital Journal")

TheMacLyf (Mackenzie Thompson) when giving away his entire free marketing method said,

"Fake guru's are ruining this entire e-commerce space and not only making people not want to get into dropshipping, but also charging people thousands of dollars for useless marketing tips that 99% of the time never work out". "Sure Facebook and other paid ads are great, but you should only be running paid ads, once you're already making profit using free methods, and then scale up from there".

When I started dropshipping 4-5 years ago now, I lost thousands of dollars trying Google ads, Facebook ads and basically every type of paid advertising platform you could think of, then it hit me, imagine being able to make sales without spending any money on ads at all, wouldn't that be the dream?"

Soon after that TheMacLyf found a way to do just that and developed a method which went on to help him scale his brands into the $100,000+ mark and onwards. 

Here's the actual method TheMacLyf teaches for you to use to make sales dropshipping without ever spending a single dollar on ads. 

1. Find good products on Aliexpress (This can be tricky but there are certain techniques you can use over time to get better)

2. Make sure the products have express delivery options (3-7 days maximum) as no one wants to wait 30+ days to get their order. 

3. Screenshot the product photos, stamp your margins on and list the products for sale on your personal "Facebook Marketplace!"

(Screenshotted below is a brand launch by getting people to first give their emails before making the website live, once it went live emails were sent out, along with messages to all the people from Facebook marketplace who had messaged previously! Generating over $24,000 in sales within just 2 hours)

TheMacLyf states

"Over 1/3rd of Facebook's users use the Facebook Marketplace channel and yet still basically no one knows you can advertise dropshipping products there for free! I think I was actually the first to ever begin doing it and now it has changed my entire life"

There are also many sneaky scaling tactics you can use that will help you make a lot of sales fast and consistently, and once you know how to use them, you can grow massive companies within the space of weeks!" 

Now many online "fake guru's" are rising up in anger at TheMacLyf as they charge thousands to even tens of thousands of dollars for information that rarely works, whilst TheMacLyf seems to be giving it all away for free.

Showcasing many success stories from his students below 

When using this marketplace method, you need to do it correct from the start, or you're setting yourself up for a lot of wasted time and failures! 

TheMacLyf has even linked an entire video with a step by step guide on how to do this, below for free. 

TheMacLyf is now aiming to help as many people out by offering a limited deal where he will build people their entire custom website, teach them how to use marketplace along with a full training series, give them winning products and suppliers he has personally tested, and have their stores live and ready to go within 24 hours or their money back.

It's been limited to 100 people only as he aims not to "flood the Facebook Marketplace" 

Limited time link to that offer here