Get More Facebook Marketplace Sales | 3 Tips | NEW

Get More Facebook Marketplace Sales | 3 Tips | NEW

Want to know how to get more Facebook marketplace sales? In this video I'm going to give you 3 banger, never spoken before on YouTube tips to make a lot more sales with Facebook marketplace.

As I said, in this video I'll be giving you 3 banger tips on how you can drastically increase your sales on Facebook Marketplace and also build a brand long term. The power of this "mini" brand, allows you to make thousands of dollars profit a month or even weekly with a single post.

Tip 1 for making more sales on Facebook Marketplace Thanks Joey for this one! This tip was given to us by a 15 year old kid in our group who is now cashing in on hundreds a day profit using this one tip alone. We tested it across all our accounts and the results have been insane. Joey is part of our secret VIP facebook group where everyone helps each other and shares advice and tips for ecommerce.

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Okay, so tip one is simple. When posting on Facebook marketplace and creating a new listing, put the price $10-$15 higher than what you want to actually sell the product for. After 2-3 days, go back to the product and mark the product down $10-$15. This will alert every single person who looked at the product previously with a notification from Facebook and will amass you a bulk amount of sales. This hits so many trigger points from a psychological perspective also. Contrast bias, urgency bias and a "trigger effect" - mentioned a great book called "Hooked" - Test this out with all your Facebook marketplace listings and watch the sales roll in.

Tip 2 Use the profit from the first two or three sales to order in the product yourself. This will allow you to test the buying experience from a customers perspective and let you fix up anything you weren't happy with during the buying process, trust me, this is important. Secondly this will allow you to get "UGC", "user generated content", which will make your listings stand out from the others 10x and also allow you to position yourself as the authority seller in that space. You can now even increase your prices and people will buy from you, as they will feel other sellers are selling a cheaper or knockoff version of the original product. Be sure to put in your sales copy / description - the real and #1 seller of "the product"

Tip number 3 and this is a goldmine. Honestly you should be paying to learn this one. This is the tactic I use to go ahead and make thousands of dollars on command with a single post and it only grows day by day. Stop wasting your customers potential by having them buy off you and then leaving them to buy from others later on. Invite them to a Facebook group, make it secretive. You also want to create a page for the group and set up automatic invites, this will capture more people and sales for you over time and you only have to set it up once.

Check this video here for a walkthrough on how to do it.

Now, how can this make you crazy money? It's simple really.. once a month all the people that bought from you from Facebook marketplace will be chilling in your secret group and you can put out a post and say "this is what's selling hot right now" with a link to your product.

Tell everyone you'll be marking the price up significantly in a few days, and as loyal customers, they get a chance to buy it now for a discounted price. BOOM! Just like that, thousands of dollars profit over night. Best bit? It just gets bigger and bigger. You can also give customers $10 for them to send in a picture review to the group, as this will reinforce your social proofing and allow you to scale this over time.

Okay.. that's enough sauce for this week. If you want to make money on autopilot, hit up that Facebook marketplace automation and we'll take care of everything for you.

Thanks for watching and have a great week... oh and also smesh like and subscribe for more sauce each week, you want to be first in on this as that's how you make more profit. Subscribe and the bell is sauce.
Get More Facebook Marketplace Sales | 3 Tips | NEW

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