From $10 to $1000 to Travel.


What's happening guys and girls! 

Excited to share this article with you as it's nearly the end of the year and I have a few schemes at hand. Tomorrow being my birthday I thought i'd get this article written early before I go AFK into whiskey land.

A few incredible things at foot over these next couple weeks have me inspired to share this story with you.

Now, before we get started, if you haven't yet seen I do weekly give-aways on my Instagram, watches, cash all the good shit, so jump over there and have a look HERE.


Now this article is about something i've always wanted to try and will now finally have the chance. I hear a lot about people who want to travel but have no money to do so... 

Well as I have one final week left of University, then a week of exams ... then el' graduation. I'm going to be showing you guys how you can start with a $10 investment, turn that $10 into a hundred easy af, flipping shit on Facebook, Ebay and Gumtree.. and then show you how to turn that $100 into a Thousand.... but wait, what's that? Not exciting enough?


Okay... well I'm then going to take that $1000 and $1000 only and go to the airport, pick a nice little country like Thailand, Cambodia or Vietnam and catch the next plane there..this is with a $1000 budget that we made from only $10... 


The $1000 will include flights, accommodation, food and whatever else. Then I'm going to show you the most insane thing... how to use that $1000 budget and make our $1000 back while over in one of those countries. We are simply going to go down to the markets, find some mad shit and sell it on Ebay, Facebook or Gumtree also.


So that's what I call a $10 insane holiday with a $1000 bonus at the end. You'll want to keep up to date with me on Instagram for the live videos or I'll attach the YouTube vlogs in here as I go. 


Now the blogs a few days behind so let's get you caught up in the story.  

We started with our $10 and bought some business books at 20cents a pop... We now have 10 stacks of 5 books on sale on Ebay for $50 a pop... 

Once these bad boys sell we're looking at a nice $500 to play with, minus maybe $50 - $70 in postage costs. 


What do you think we should use that $500 on for a quick turn around into $1000? Leave your ideas in the comments below... 

Blog will be updated every few days. 


Also, if you haven't yet bought my New Amazon Best Seller, which talks a lot more about how to make an extra little side hustle of cash, get your copy here on Amazon HERE




Leveraging Connections

Today I reached out to an old friend from my previous travels in hopes of just touching base and checking to see how they've been progressing. My friend surprised me by saying that they were still in a regional part of Thailand, Chang Mai and had been living there for over a year now. 

I decided on this trip I will head towards Chang Mai area and my friend has volunteered to help film this journey. In addition to all the Vlog style Instagram, IGTV and YouTube videos I have and will continue to be releasing, I will also be having some awesome travel style cinematic footage filmed for y'all.

In addition to re-selling goods from the market stands and other various places I will now also be getting to train a little Muay Tha/ MMAi, which is why I usually travel to Thailand in the first place, so the hopes is that I break the bank and not my leg whilst over there. 

If you're living in Thailand or going to be travelling within the coming months please leave a comment below or message me directly if you want to become part of this journey. 

Will keep you all updated as we continue to make some sales! 

Op-Shop Flipping Cup Starting To Make It's Way To The $1000 Mark. 

Newcastle Web Design



Today we have finally hit that $1000 mark.Starting just over a month ago with $10 I have managed to flip different products and make the last 250 of the of the 1000 needed. 

Being close to Christmas I won't be heading overseas until early next year (to avoid being crucified by my mum for not being there for Christmas). With a $1000 budget the game plan will be to find cheap af flights, then rent somewhere on Airbnb for a few days. 

During that time we will scour the marketplaces and look for items that can be easily flipped online, and items that will be great to bring back to Australia to sell in the future.  

I hope everyone is as excited as I am, as this goes to show you can literally turn $10 into $1000 quite fast with very little effort needed. If you're planning on going travelling anywhere I recommend you set up this experiment for yourself and see if you can do the same. That being said, you don't have to stop at $1000, you can keep making money flipping shi* until you're satisfied. 

The final products flipped were a stack of 40 business and lifestyle books for $150, picked for only $5 and a men/womens titan watch set for $100, picked for $15. 

You can see the watches and the payments for the books here. 


How to travel with no money at all

$150 In Sales 

how to go travelling with no money at all


Here are the watches


I'll be adding a YouTube video below soon of the journey, but make sure you keep up to date with me and my live stories on Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube @TheMacLyf

More updates soon to come, really enjoying the comments and support, please feel free to connect with me below in the comment section.



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    Waiting for your next update :)

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    Been working with this guy on Instagram and he’s incredible, super professional and it’s exciting to see him out practicing what he preaches. Enjoying your blog updates, keep up the good work!

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    Thanks for the messages everyone, I have messaged you all back personally either on Instagram or via your emails :) Thanks for reading

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    Would be awesome to connect with you while your over in Thailand, I’ll be around Chang Mai area for the next couple months, I messaged you on Instagram :)

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