First Time Playing Axie Infinity & Making Real Money | Part 2

Make Real Money Playing A Game! Axie Infinity Investment | Part 2

Hey there my little friend. Actually gutted because we put a lot of effort into editing this video to make it extra special and my mates laptop died while downloading it. I smashed this together on inshot in 5 minutes but hopefully you still find it entertaining.

In today's video we are going to be going over how you can make real money by playing Axie Infinity and my experience with it so far. If you want to know how it works, basically you pay for your NFT's which can be used as characters in the game, then you play matches which generate you SLP, which you can transfer into ethereum, and boom, you making real money.

If you're looking to make money in the online space, I highly recommend getting into ecommerce. I just opened up my course to everyone and you get a website build to go with it. This ain't no sleezy sales pitch, check it out if you're keen, if not, just keep doing you.

Throughout the video I actually play my first game of Axies and have played quite a few more since then... it's mega addicting. You certainly can make quite a lot of money for playing a game if you're willing to put a bit of time in each day and plan your Axie breeding correctly. I

n the next video I'll be covering how to turn this whole operation into a hopefully profitable business by outsourcing the gaming to some kids or people interested in playing for a 70/30 split.

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"This video is for educational purposes only"

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