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Fastest Way To Make $1 Million Dollars | Guaranteed Success

Greetings all and welcome to today's video. Today's video is going to be a special one and the start of a new journey. Not only am I going to be showing you the fastest way possible for any human being to make millions of dollars, but I'm going to be demonstrating it myself over the space of 2022 and showing you real results of how my brands will catapult.

If I had known this in my early 20's I would be far further along financial wise than I am now and looking back I actually had the opportunity presented multiple times and I fought against it. The fastest way to make money in today's market is to be controversial. Now, don't do anything illegal, but you need to get some options on controversial shit... and voice them to as many people as possible.

Looking back, in my early 20's I put out a video on snapchat saying how I outwork everyone I know and that's why they aren't successful and that video was shared by a page mocking me with over 1million followers. The crazy part wasn't just the hate... but actually the white knights that jumped onboard to defend me ended up becoming some of my biggest supporters and they also became some of my biggest customers.

Now, for a long time I have gone against this notion that.. I don't want to trade my integrity for money... and I don't believe I have to. I asked myself a simple question. Do you care about what people think about you? Let me ask you the same question. Do you care what people think about you? Nearly everyone I've asked this question say's NO. Then why TF do we not put out controversial stuff when we know it spreads 50x faster than any other type of content and will 10x the growth of our audience.

10x more haters will generally mean 10x more fans... the haters are your free marketing and will promote for you for free. The fans are what you're after anyways... and if you truely didn't care about what people think about you, and you want to make more money. You need to put out controversial stuff. Pick a platform or 10... post daily... hurt some feelings and make some money. Sure you can remain in the shadows and still become wealthy... it's just a lot harder to succeed.

A lot... think of how many extremely low IQ people have become wealthy from their controversy. 10 years from now people won't care about what they did 10 years ago. But they have millions of dollars, fast cars, nice homes and generational wealth (if invested smartly) to to look after their family.

Watch and see the results each week and prepare... If I offend you at any point through the year... good. Use this video as a reference and understand that I don't really care about the topics I'm talking about... I'm building wealth. This I believe is where the term "don't hate the player, hate the game", came from.

Smesh subscribe if you're on your journey to become rich and feel free to connect on any social @themaclyf.

"this video is for educational purposes only"

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