Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping - Full Automation Set Up (2021)

What is Facebook Marketplace Automation and why is everyone going crazy over it? It's a big deal ... trust me.

When I started using Facebook Marketplace many years ago, it was my biggest breakthrough into the world of online success and I was the first person I knew of using it for dropshipping. I used to and this method still works for other countries, post up banger products on marketplace for sale. Build a clean website around the products / brand, then send interested customers who messaged me, directly to the store.

I grew brands into the 6 figure mark from this alone, which is a big deal when you're not paying for ads. Now, there is the new era, and you want to be in before everyone else, "Facebook Marketplace Automation".

A new feature Facebook basically opened up allows some USA and Canadian citizens (more countries soon we hope) to be able to have customers checkout directly on Facebook. This is big.. but how big? We didn't know until a few month ago when we started helping out clients from the USA and the results amazed us. Some stores seeing 100+ orders a day and at minimum stores doing $5k months, when set up correctly. Here's some things to remember... Facebook takes 5% as a gateway fee, which is fine, just factor that into your pricing.

Now here's where Facebook put up some big roadblocks for dropshippers. Products need to have their tracking numbers added within 3 days of the customer ordering, or the order would be immediately refunded.. no questions asked. As a topper, the products need to arrive within 10 days or the same thing will happen. Now imagine you're dropshipping, you pay for the product and before the tracking is updated, it's refunded. Or ... you've paid for the product, it's in transit... then it's refunded.. losses can stack up very fast. You need professional suppliers...with fast shipping and for your orders to be made the moment the order comes in. This is why automation is key..

There's two ways to automate.. software or virtual assistants. Softwares have way less room for error, but there's a big problem here. Facebook's AI is highly intelligent.. trust me, i've been the marketplace wizard for years.. with over 100 account bans on different accounts testing things. If you use software.. your account will get banned at some stage.

That's why you need Virtual Assistants... and they need very good communication skills and training. Again... "Cough Cough".. sales pitch.. save yourself the time and let us handle everything for you correctly.

BONUS TIPS... you almost forgot! Here's my 2 bonuses tips for exploding your sales.
1. Use the renew listing feature every single week. It's a free weekly boost.

2. Use the boost feature for your most viral products, $5 day for 3 days is more than enough Remember Facebook is highly tailored towards being pay to play. $5 day x 3 days is more than enough to give you a massive surge and keep you a top of the charts with more organic reach for an extra few weeks.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks video and I'll see you all again next Monday Feel free to connect with me on instagram

Smesh subscribe and leave a comment about any topics you want to see and I'll film them. Have a blessed and enjoyable week

"This video is for educational purposes only"

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