Facebook Marketplace Automation | Winning Products & Profit

Facebook Marketplace Automation | Winning Products & Profit

Facebook Marketplace Automation

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In today's video we are looking at exactly how Facebook Marketplace Automation works. I receive hundreds of messages a week of people asking what business I run and how I build my Marketplace Automation to be so successful. It's a combination of ecommerce experience and incredible software/teams. The software which is exclusive for my team analyses trending products in the market based on a range of factors and will soon have 10x more features available, such as the ability to remotely log into Facebook.

Latif is one. of my favourite client examples as after 2 weeks on board with us he wanted a refund... why is that my favourite example? We had provided everything for Latif and he was void of a refund at this point, he decided instead to focus a little more time understanding that the package takes time to grow and low and behold, it's now month 3 and Latif's shop is pulling in over $5k month profit from the shop feature alone.

Everything in life times time. to build and that's why I build an automation business that allows people to simply let experts handle their account for them. In the coming video's I'm also going to be showing you how my software works and even giving you a few freebies for winning products. This video is made as an explainer video for my website and the Marketplace automation is only available in the USA currently.

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