Facebook Marketplace 0 Views Glitch | FIX & Marketplace Automation

Facebook Marketplace 0 Views Glitch | FIX & Marketplace Automation. In today's video we I'll be showing you how to to fix the 0 views glitch inside of Facebook marketplace, as well as a way to fix low listing views.

In today's video I'm going to be explaining to you the difference between low views and the 0 view glitch, it's really important. Then, I'll be showing you how you can fix this problem as well as how you can prevent it from happening in the future and also boost your sales dramatically.

1. Location, we are going to use what's called a location reset (this must be done correctly) to reset your Facebook marketplace account and start getting you sales again. This is really effective if you've had results in the past but now all of a sudden are experiencing the glitch or a reduction in your overall sales volume.

2. We are using a seller score rating reset, which will not only reset your marketplace and fix the 0 or low views glitch but will also increase your seller score rating on Facebook marketplace and get you more sales in the future. This is such a powerful method that I recommend everyone uses for their Facebook marketplace, if they want to make a lot of money,

3. Low views fix... this has nothing to do with your Facebook marketplace itself and has everything to do with your product, listing optimisation and sales copy... don't mistake a glitch for a lack of skill and adequate data of what sells. If you want to make a lot of money with Facebook marketplace, you need to become a master of this craft.

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