Facebook Ads For Dropshipping | Steal My Strategy

Facebook Ads For Dropshipping | Steal My Strategy

In today's video everyone, I'm going to go over the current Facebook ads strategy I'm using in 2021 to make incredible sales and generate immense amounts of leads for my e-commerce brands.

I have 5 types of strategies that I'll explain to you in this video and I'll walk you through how to set them up. The 5 most important strategies that I use are
1. Direct Landing Page Ad
2. DM Based Ad
3. Page Likes / Instagram Follow Ad
4. Lead Generation Email Capture Ad
5. Remarketing Ad

These 5 are my bread and butter and no matter where I'm running ads, If I can implement these 5 types of ads I always see immense ROI for my adspend. When it comes to advertising you want to cover a large range of angles within one platform first, gain a high level of mastery, then branch out and start adding in other platforms to 10x your growth.

The way I started was this. Pinterest - Blog with Google Adsense (Grew a Page to 1.5 Million Monthly Views) + Product Links on the page Then I discovered Facebook marketplace and developed stage 1/2/3 of scaling there using multiple accounts and affiliates

Then I moved onto paid ads and started with Instagram & Facebook and got really good at Facebook ads, then I branched out and did the same with Google ads. Now i'm onto Tik Tok ads and YouTube organic reach and if you create a web like this eventually you have so many sources bringing you in consistent sales that you can dominate the social space. Each platform will compliment the next. For example my Facebook ads pull email leads & YouTube views, the YouTube views strengthen the product influence and usually pull sales.

Post sale people come to my Instagram, or come there from TikTok and this just creates a positive feedback loop of sales and continuous sales. I use this for all my brands! My Fashion brands, my watch company & my other ecom stores + my personal brand.

If you're here watching this video now, it's time to focus down on Facebook ads until you can master getting a positive ROI there. Once you have even a 2x ROI consistently, then it's time to look at other platforms. Don't multitask now, focus down on getting good, or even better "great" at one platform. Follow my strategy above and master Facebook.

I hope you found some value in today's video, be sure to smesh the like button if you're feeling the vibes and leave a comment on what you want to see next, happy to film videos on any topic for you all.

Really appreciate everyone in this community, you all mean a lot to me.

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