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First things first, understand why you want to grow your social media to begin with. If it's for your business, the most attractive feature will be the increase in sales (eventually), if it's for personal growth... that's fine also. 

Next, you need to consider how much time you have to actually dedicate to social media. Developing a game plan is essential, as many businesses fall victim of jumping into a platform, investing a lot of time initially to learn its system and publish content. Only then to burn out over a couple months... resulting in a complete waste of time. 

Okay, once you have assessed how much time you can put aside each week, you want to download apps that will help you with automating the main part of the content grind. Hootsuite is my favourite by far as it allows you to schedule content for months in advance, oh... and it's free.  

Hootsuite recently added instagram to it's publishing availability, making this super convenient for someone like me who uses Instagram as my main revenue driving platform. 



 The most important step!

Deciding what social platform is best for you. Research into each platform, look at the main demographics of users and think about what benefits that platform could potentially have on your business. As an example, YouTube is useful for long form media, so this may be suitable for and individual who wants to teach a 10 minute cooking recipe. However, a platform like twitter wouldn't be as useful as you can currently only post videos that are 60 seconds long. (Same with Instagram) 

Once you have decided on the platform or platforms you want to use, make sure you develop a strong and cohesive message across them all. Each platform should have the same profile picture (obviously resized to fit) and the same bio/brand-message. Your cover photo's can be different though, as they need to be updated and changed regularly anyway.


The most asked question.... How Do I Get More Followers?

There's over 1 million search results yielded for this one single question on Google, so let me try and simplify them all down into 4 easy steps. 

1. Be Authentic and Unique. If you try and be something different or promote something you don't care about people will read right through you and you will fail miserably. 

2. Get past the block... the hardest part of the race for any platform i've noticed, is getting to your first 1000 followers.

The reason is mostly because people don't want to follow you when you have 6 followers and 2 likes because you look 'tacky'. People see that no one else really follows you, or cares about what you have to say, so they follow the rest of the crowd and don't hit that button.

Ask family and friends to follow you.. tell everyone you know! honestly... annoy them until you can pass that mark. 

3. Use Pay Per Click (PPC) ads. Try experimenting with the ads manager on whatever platform you use and be willing to spend some dollars. Learn some tips and tricks off YouTube and remember your budget. Yes, paying for ads is still by far the fastest way to get followers.. if you're serious about growing your following, you need using them.

4. As @GaryVee says... Content, Content, Content.

Content is King. The more posts you put out there, the more people that are going to see them, engage with them and potentially follow you. If you're not annoying people, you're not using social media aggressively enough. However, with that being said, don't spam out horrible content just to get more out there. Spend a few hours detailing some high quality posts and then use Hootsuite or another automation app to schedule those posts to go out throughout the week. 



Now you've got your social media up and firing and should see that following light up! Save 'TheMacLyf' blog to your RSS feed, or in your bookmarks tab to easily keep up with all the Social Media and Digital Marketing tips you'll ever need. 

Next time, we'll be going over how you can turn all those newly acquired followers into PROFIT..$$$ 

As always, thanks for reading and please connect with me on any social media space if you want to chat or get to know each other better ..... and don't forget to leave a comment below! ❤️

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