Buy These MemeCoins NOW (2022 Crypto Millionaire)

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Buy These MemeCoins NOW (2022 Crypto Millionaire)

Hey my little friends. In today's video I'm going to be showing you the 4 first memecoins I'll be purchasing in hopes of joining the crypto millionaire ranks for 2022. I already run a heavily successful business in the tech space and have been having lots of fun watching the crypto space this year. I already had friends who cashed in on millions from crypto within the last few years who have been telling me to get on board and I finally made the jump earlier this year.

My main holdings are ETH - bought around $1k (AUD) ADA - bought around $1.7 (AUD) ENJ - bought around $1 (AUD)

Meme coins are extremely high risk and fluctuate based on the hype of the market and those promoting it. My strategy will be to drop $1k in 10 memecoins before the end of November 2021 and let them sit. I will not be HODLING and have 0% faith in their ability long term.

I'm simply going to sell off for a profit the moment a huge spike comes and makes me a Shiba style millionaire crypto bad boy... I do believe in the crypto technology, more so than the FIAT currencies of today, especially when looking at inflation in the US / AU for 2021 alone. I am fairly new to the investing game overall and have had all of my investing wins by investing in businesses, skills and myself. Anyways, the 4 main coins I explore in today's video are CATECOIN, FLOKIINU, BUFFDOGECOIN & DOGEGF

In the next video I'll show me buying $1k of all of these crypto's + another $6000 of 6 other random memecoins. I always believe that you shouldn't put yourself in jeopardy to invest and as biased as I am, I believe everyone should first aim to create some sort of profitable business and then invest their excess earnings wisely from there... Or f**k t and just YOLO it all on Doge Baby...

I'm excited to do the I told you so video in 2022 when I cash out on a few million.

I hope you enjoyed today's video and hit subscribe for more content every single week. Have a great rest of your week.

"this video is for educational purposes only and is not financial advice"