Building a Successful Shopify Brand From Scratch (Part 1/3)

Building a Successful Shopify Brand From Scratch - the first episode in the series. We will be going over how to build a successful Shopify dropshipping brand, then transforming it into a 3pl white labeled brand over time.

 In today's video I'm going to be showing you all the entire process of how to start a successful shopify brand from scratch. In this episode we go over product selection, how to find the perfect product, building out a website and basically the growth plan of how you want to get going and how to progress. Product selection along with a clean website and creatives is by far the most important factor when it comes to building a successful online brand.

Taking inspiration from
@Davie Fogarty he built a powerhouse brand generating over 55 million dollars this year already, using the free debut theme on Shopify with some simple customisations. The goal for this brand will actually be to become my main brand from here on out, still growing the others but putting a lot of attention and effort into this brand and showing you all live behind the scenes footage of exactly what I do step by step.

You're at the start of the journey and will get to watch me scale this brand from nothing up into the 6 - 7 then 8 figure mark, so stay tuned, you're in for a ride.

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"this video is for educational purposes only"

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