BROKE to Making 1.2 Million | My Story | Shopify Dropshipping

BROKE to Making 1.2 Million | My Story | Shopify Dropshipping

Hi guys & gals, I was quite hesitant to make this video, as I didn't really feel the need to talk about my success and try to make all my videos around giving you all the help you need to make your own journey successful.

However, this is something I get flooded with for messages on IG and a lot of you all really want to know my Dropshipping Success Story, so, here it is. Basically I went from the good ol' 9-5 with 0 sense of direction and a want for more, to running multiple successful companies within the e-commerce realm and now onto the coaching & consulting realm. (Still ecom too of course).

After basically losing my job when a big chain I worked for got liquidated, I had to move back home with my mum, which was quite humiliating at the time, after being so independent. I sat alone in a room thinking, what the fu** am I doing with my life, why am I not succeeding? I started researching heavy about success and more importantly "successful people".

I learned about the key traits of successful people and found a lot of common themes amongst the people who are in my eyes "successful".

The main things I found were, these people are;

1. Super intelligent (not in terms of IQ or formal education, but more-so masters of their craft)

2. Smart working + hard working

3. They meditate daily

4. They understand power & influence

5. They leverage systems to create wealth

After learning all of this, I basically went ahead and found a guy selling 100 books on Gumtree & swapped him my last $100 for them. I spent the next 6 months reading books (sometimes 2-3 a day, thanks to Tony Buzans Speed Reading Book), then went ahead and launched my first company, a social media marketing agency/web design company. Throughout the years everything has changed dramatically and positive growth just seems to inspire more positive growth.

I'm extremely blessed and happy with the life I am living now and the direction in which everything is moving. I'm thankful for all you here on YouTube as well and can't wait to grow over the years and bring more of a positive impact to all of your lives.

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