Billionaire's plan on how to make $108 million a year |2022 PLAN

Billionaire's plan on how to make $108 million a year

Hope you enjoyed today's click bait title, it took me some work Seriously though this is a video that is a lot different from the usual strategy videos but I'm hoping it can bring you all some value. I've learned a lot about business in these last few years, but I still have a lot to learn.

A situation with a previous client has shown me how much I have to learn and I'm excited to undertake this challenge. I've just got a heap of books bought to learn up on customer service but I also want to share with you all in this video the plan I'll be working on for next year to get my company to 108 million in revenue.

This exact plan style is modelled from a billionaire I follow closely and if you feel it will help you you can create yours for free too on Canva I've learned in all 3 businesses there are 3 main components only, and the higher you can master each, the more money and value you will make and provide. The three main areas are Marketing Sales Service I've learned recently I'm great at marketing and sales but my customer service needs some work.. a lot of work.

This is the area I need to streamline to get my company to the next level and you should look at where you are lacking and how you can also go about fixing that area up. This will help bring you mega results in the long term and really is the key to growing faster.

Sure there is cool ad strategies and new products I could be sharing with you all and I will be in future videos, but if you really take this seriously and master down on these areas and building out a long term focused plan, you are almost guaranteed to succeed.

I hope you enjoyed today's different style of video, let me know if you did.
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"this video is for educational purposes only"

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