Banned From Facebook Ads | SOLVED (Fix All BM's)

Banned From Facebook Ads | SOLVED (Fix All BM's)

Okay everyone, today I introduce you to the dark side of marketing. These secrets I'm going to share with you are only for those of you that want to dominate the marketing game, no matter what challenges are thrown at you. We're going to be going over a way in which you can solve all BM bans for nearly every type of social platform, plus give you a live demo of why you might want to do that & how powerful these platforms can be when used correctly.

Recently I was banned from Tik Tok for good.... my first ads got flagged for nudity .. apparently a suit is too much skin these days. Next my account was banned for running a fake crypto selling scheme... I don't do anything to do with crypto, other than invest myself.

However, no one is at fault to blame here and I see this problem all to common. 99% of people think that there is a person or group of people blocking your account because they don't like it. Think how many users this platform has, then think how many pieces of content are shared per second.. it's impossible for humans to review this. It all comes down to the work of the Facebook, or whatever social platform you're using's bot.

The bot get's things wrong, quite a lot and as you can see in the video with my account. It was getting suspended every 2-3 days, then having the ban lifted a day or so later, for weeks. This kills campaigns abilities to optimise & eventually the final decision was made, no more Tik Tok for me.. or so they thought.

We move onto the dark side of marketing and the secret extra way's around these BM bans.

#1 is super simple, buy an account from somewhere else. Some people make money by spending all day setting up accounts & verifying them with the intention of selling. I'm currently buying a new Tik Tok account to use at the moment and the bonus feature is that it's USA based, meaning I can advertise to the USA, where I couldn't do so before (region locked). This is awesome for you if you can't create certain advertising accounts because of where you live, because it evens the playing field. Just make sure to use a VPN specific to the country of registration to avoid getting flagged, and clear your cookies, browsing history & cache before logging into your new account.

The person who can improvise, adapt and overcome will always be victorious and I hope this has helped you to overcome an obstacle that has been stopping your businesses growth.

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*This video is for educational purposes only*