7 Secrets To Successful Cold Calling

Heart pumping, voice sounds sketchy, feeling flustered?

If it's your first time cold calling, you probably felt this way, or even still do, I know I still do from time to time. 

However, with these 7 tips, you'll be able to dominate your cold calling, increase your conversions and of course, make yourself more bank.


Let's get into them.


1. Feel The Fear But Do It Anyway 

Stolen the title from a fantastic read, Susan Jeffers goes into an in depth look at the key differences between super successful individuals and their unlucky counterparts. Susan believes that everyone feels nervous about performing tasks like cold calling, but the difference comes down to the ability to act. 'Feel The Fear But Do It Anyway.


2. The Three Second Rule

When you're ready to make that call, have the number dialed in and give yourself no more then 3 seconds to begin making that call. After 3 seconds, it becomes increasingly more difficult to press that dial button, as our mind has time to create stories about terrible potential outcomes. Just punch it in and press call. 


3. Know Your Content

An obvious one, but come on guys.... if you're trying to make a sale over the phone, you need to be an expert on your product, company and values. Have a family member or friend try and 'shit test' your product to raise questions you may have never thought about.


4. Have A Script

Sounding natural and free on the phone comes from experience and content knowledge, but in the beginning and even in later stages, have a script you can refer back to if you're getting stuck. Either have a professional write one for you and study it meticulously, or write one yourself using examples from professionals such as Grant Cardone's Sales Script or Jordan Belfort's 'Straight Line Persuasion Model'. 



5. Have A Long List Of Objection Handles

Once again, have that friend or family member shit test your idea and write down a huge list of objections customers may have about purchasing your product or service. Rehearse often, saying them aloud and make variations of handles to the same question. Nothing sounds worse than having an objection come up mid-call you don't know how to respond to. Remember that objections you have never heard will arise from time to time, make sure to write them down after the call and come up with some appropriate responses. 


6. Be Goal Orientated

Remember the reason why you're calling in the first place! If it's to make sales, remember that cold calling is just a numbers game, and if you're persistent enough you will get to taste the juicy fruits the Cold Calling Tree offers out so diligently. 


7. Call Call Call

A quote from Jordan Belfort in the movie 'The Wolf of Wall Street' Himself;

So you listen to me and you listen well.
Are you behind on your credit card bills?
Good! Pick up the phone and start dialing!
Is your landlord ready to evict you?
Good! Pick up the phone and start dialing!
Does your girlfriend think you’re a f***ing worthless loser?
Good! Pick up the phone and start dialing!
I want you to deal with your problems by becoming rich!

“Pick up the phone and start dialing”

A bit raunchy, but you get the message. You're never going to make sales if you don't take action and start calling.


I hope to hear your sales pitch come through my phone one day and I will shed a single tear of happiness


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  • Sarah

    I always get so nervous before calling. I just got an interview for new job in a call centre so this helped a lot!

  • Marcus

    Thanks heaps mate, this has really helped me with getting back into cold calling after such a long break.

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