5 Tips for Dominating University

5 Tips For Dominating University


  1. Focus on the end-game. Too many people get caught up in the pressures and excitement that university has to offer. Now whilst I’m a huge advocate of having fun at uni and experiencing new social situations, remember why you’re there to begin with.. to get your piece of paper and hopefully learn something.

    I wish I took my own tips at the beginning of university as I would have been able to maximise the amount of time I enjoy there, the amount of new skills I could have learned and probably saved quite a lot of money.

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  1. Find out what your assessments are early and fucking smash them out. Too often do we know we have a report or assignment due in week 10 and we wait till week 8 to even look at it, or start it a few days before. What this procrastination does is stops you from enjoying time you would normally spend learning at uni because deep in your mind you know you have an assignment to complete in the coming weeks.

    Being in my last semester of university I’ve realised that the best thing to do if you’re given all your required tasks and information upfront is to just do what I call a grind week.

    Map out an entire week or a few days of free time, isolate yourself from the rest of the world and dominate all of your required tasks. You’ll alleviate so much of the pressure from yourself and you’ll be able to focus on studying for your exams properly when the time comes around, instead of also having 3-4 assignments to complete.


  1. Remember to network….. oh my god to people forget to do this. Imagine going to a business university in the hopes of one day starting a successful business, but you don’t spend quality time networking with other people who have the same goals and aspirations as you. Never again will it be this easy to find like minded people on the same mission. Remember to network, make friends and set yourself little seeds of connections that you can capitalise on later in life.

    A great tip to networking is to just go to all the events your university offers. If you don’t have other commitments, and I mean like work or family commitments, make the fucking time to go. Connect with people, grow your networking tree, nurture it… because one day the fruits it offers may get you the job you were hoping for, the raise you wanted, or allow you to close a negotiation.

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  1. Learn a few memorisation tactics before exams and test them out. You spend 12 weeks learning your content at university, why not take 1 hour to learn how to remember and recall information more effectively. Alternatively, you can take the controversial route and use cognitive enhancers to perform better on your test. These cognitive enhancers are also known as ‘nootropics’. They will basically lower your cortisol levels, meaning you’ll be less stressed and also offer a temporary increase to your short term memory retention and focus.


  1. Lastly, don’t limit your learning to university content. Make sure you’re actively learning and mastering new skills and tricks outside of uni and try to expand your knowledge on areas you’re interested in. Learning to speed read really helps with this and a great book I recommend is called ‘Tony Buzan’s Speed Reading Book’, it helped me get my reading speed from roughly 200 words a minute to 900. My retention has also increased tenfold, so this book is a must if you’re interested at all in rapid skill acquisition.

    That’s all for today. Just a super quick simple blog… I hope you found some nuggets of help within this article and really wish you great success (insert Borat meme) with all your future goals and university life.


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