5 Books that Will Make YOU a Millionaire | Real Story | Broke to $100k

5 books that will make you a millionaire. These 5 books are responsible for helping me make my first $100,000 online and are a serious game changer. If you're new to my channel please smack that little subscribe button like the bad little button it is and it will be worth your while.

I'm a big fan when it comes to reading and I highly suggest if you don't read and you're looking for improvements in any area of your life, you dedicate time every day to read. If audiobooks are your thing instead, use the 1.5x - 2x speed and get better at comprehending faster. It will train your brain to not only think faster but you'll save a lot of time, allowing you to learn more than others in the same space of time.

Now let's talk about the video. These 5 books that I'm recommending to you will make you a millionaire if you follow the principles, apply intelligent and correct work over an extended period of time.

The 5 books mentioned in this video are
The 80/20 Principle
The Secret / Living the law of attraction (2 books)
The Science of Getting Rich
Maximum Influence - 12 universal laws of persuasion

I always find myself coming back to these books and these 5 books will make you very successful in business and with money if you constantly re-read them and apply their teachings. Applying what you learn is the second and most commonly forgotten part of building any skill and is crucial to your success. This video has been about the 5 books that will make you a millionaire and my real story from broke to $100k

If you enjoyed today's video please let me know in the comments section and I'd be happy to do more like it. If not.... you can let me know too :(

Looking forward and having fun making content for everyone and I wish you all a blessed and safe week ahead.

"this video is for educational purposes only"

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